LAST 48 HOURS!!! Get Limited Edition Copies of My First Novel, Fortune Cookie

Good evening!

If you’re reading this email now, then I’m currently at the last 48 hours of my Kickstarter campaign for my first novel, Fortune Cookie! Through Kickstarter, I’m offering some limited edition copies of my book that will ONLY be available for the next two days (until July 7th).

This is NOT your average novel. As a backer, you’ll get various rewards including T-Shirts, the alternate ending version, your name featured in the Thank You page….AND a character named specifically after you!
Plus, you can even get an early bird special (just ONE opportunity left) for the upcoming release on 7th Sign Publishing, How To Win The Dating Game, by certified life coach, John Patrick Adams!

As a backer, you will also get Fortune Cookie EARLY, before everyone else! Please check out the link below for the campaign page for more details. Here are just a few frequently asked questions and answers.

Fortune Cookie Kickstarter

What is Fortune Cookie about?
The main character, Cookie, flees her hometown to get away from a very dark past. Almost 10 years later, that past comes creeping back into her life….and out in the open. This time, she may not be able to survive and tell her story.

What Is Kickstarter?
It’s a website that allows individuals to raise money for creative projects in various fields including music, art, publications and fashion.

How are my contributions being used?
In return for your pledges, you will receive the exclusive rewards listed in the campaign. Pledges will be used towards marketing and advertising, once my book is officially released.

I sincerely THANK YOU for your support!!

4 Days Left To Get That Cookie!!!

Check out the latest post from my Kickstarter blog

So by now, everyone following this blog is well aware of my Kickstarter for my first novel, Fortune Cookie. I would like to take this time to give a huge THANKS to everyone who has supported the campaign thus far. There are still 4 days left to go so we can’t stop now! Also, a new reward was revealed today that includes a limited edition copy of Fortune Cookie and the upcoming self-help book, How To Win The Dating Game by Certified Life Coach John Patrick Adams. So what’s so good about this? You can get BOTH books for just $25, with FREE shipping and handling. Both books are being released under 7th Sign Publishing. There are only 2 of 3 slots available now though, so don’t miss out! Get your copy of both books HERE!!

Of course, the primary purpose of this Kickstarter is to support my new novel Fortune Cookie. But it goes much deeper than that. I’m currently in graduate school for my Master’s in EMAC – (Emerging Media and Communication). For my final semester, I’m working on a capstone project that may be the beginning of something great for independent authors. One of the things I consistently hear from authors trying to publish their first (or second, third and fourth) book is resources. They may have the creative concept, but no graphic designer. Or they may have their cover completed, but still can’t find an editor.

My idea is to create a database site that houses sample portfolios, reviews and contact information for those critical people that make a book come to life. I just finished a great book that I’m using for research called Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook by Helen Sedwick. In my opinion, it’s a book that every author and publisher should read. Stay tuned for more info on these last four days of the Kickstarter and do