Reality TV….Are Sitcoms Obselete Now???

Lately I’ve been wondering if my cable TV is really worth it. I don’t get much time to watch TV anyway and the radio is usually the first thing I turn on in the morning and when I get home after work. Part of the reason I don’t watch TV as much anymore too is because there really isn’t much to see. I can remember a few years ago when I had a favorite show to watch for everyday of the week. Now…, not so much.

Reality TV has taken over the airwaves and the more drama the better…and higher ratings. I must admit there are several reality shows I like to watch (Celebrity Apprentice, Hoarders, What Chilli Wants, Beyond Scared Straight, Biggest Loser, and a few others). But whatever happened to the days where we had TV shows like The Cosby Show, A Different World, Friends, and New York Undercover??? Are people just not capable of writing a good TV story line anymore? That’s what it’s beginning to seem like.

When the cameras are on, people tend to show out to get attention and ratings. True reality TV would be people who go off in general and don’t even know there’s a camera filming them. Now that would be a sight to see. But oh well, what do you do? It seems like these days if you want to watch TV, reality shows are the primary option. So what do you think about Reality TV? Do you have any favorite shows???

9 thoughts on “Reality TV….Are Sitcoms Obselete Now???

  1. I unplugged my TV in July and haven’t plugged it in since, primarily because I wanted to use the time to read and write. I was a news addict and I was almost as bad with sports. I don’t regret my decision, although, it has been tempting to watch the Rangers win the World Series…but I continue to stand firm.
    So, on your point about reality TV; I think it has to be about the money. Networks don’t care about quality, just profits. I would guess that reality shows are way cheaper than paying big stars. I think there is a lack of original writing as well and reality shows don’t need writers.

    • Thanks for the post Thomas. I can actually see news and sports (not trying to make you revert back though, lol). At least with that there’s something new going on….especially with the Rangers and the World Series. I totally agree. A lot of these shows are just schemes to make a quick dollar, and probably do cost way less to produce. It’s like nobody seems capable of thinking outside of the box anymore.

  2. I would agree with both prior comments. And no, I am generally not interested in reality TV. It is for the same reasons that I usually watch a lot of Hallmark and Lifetime movies. I know, some of these shows are pretty sappy, but, I still find them more relaxing than reality TV.

    I too have been seriously considering discontinuing the premium portion of my cable TV subscription! At this point, I truly feel like I have been wasting money on a monthly basis!

    P.S. I love the topics and the pictures that accompany each topic, here at! Way to go! Keep up the good work!

  3. I believe whatever you find enjoyment in is the best thing to watch on TV. It’s just sad to me that many of the reality shows have no substance. Thanks for your feedback on the site too! I’m really glad you enjoy it!!!

  4. If I were a tv script writer, I would be seeking a more stable work environment.

    Reality TV has gone completely wild and part of it is my fault. I am a huge fan of Parking Wars, Storage Wars, Survivor, Project Runway and American Idol. My watching keeps the ratings up and the episodes coming. *shrug*

    Some reality tv shows have simply gone too far and have overstayed their welcome in my eyes but think, so many cable channels like A&E, Bravo and Lifetime would be just nothing channels if not for their strong reality tv schedules. Reality tv really gave rise to these channels that previously were just extra channels in your programming package. If you look over the history and evolution of these channels, Comedy Central and MTV come to mind, they were based in something very different than their current incarnation. Did they change with the times? Yes. Will they change again? Yes. At some point 15 & Pregnant will become irrelevant…kinda like music videos.

    But I do miss the days of real sitcom tv that had characters, that we knew were not real, but we could connect to, admire and even hate.

  5. So a reality TV show in the workplace? I like that idea!

    Yeah I’m with you…I have my favorites too that only feed into the reality show hype. I agree about A&E too…never watched that channel until they started the reality shows. You bring up a lot of great points, and as an avid viewer of music videos, I’m sad to see them fade away but I agree that their time is limited too.

    • I love The Apprentice & Celebrity Apprentice as well. I will not giving up on the shows I like. Yes, I would like to see a real life The Office! That would be fabulous!!!

      I was just telling a Twitter friend of mine that I want a radio show & this would be a fantastic topic to discuss considering the “reality” shows that were filmed or are currently being filmed in Dallas. The only one I liked was Football Wives. The rest is garbage. How can you have a Most Eligible Dallas with NO Black or Brown…hell even Asian, people?! No people of color in a show about a very ethnically mixed major US city is a HUGE mistake, in my opinion.

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