Had A Great Time On “The FK Show” Tonight

Hopefully everyone was able to tune in to “The FK Show” tonight and listen to the interview I did with Dominick Howard (a.k.a. Dld the Eclectic), to promote my book, Blurred Vision. In case you missed it, you’ll be able to check it out again tonight at 11:00 pm CST at the link below:


Then go to the Music/Talk Bowl section to view the video.

I got a chance to read several poems from my book and talk about the upcoming book signing on 11-11-11 at RA Sushi (see details on my Facebook page-Peauxetic Expressions-and on earlier posts to my site). I also got a chance to hear some really good new music and learned that Jon B formed a group with 2 other guys on a CD that never came out…who knew? Lol. We talked about scary movies, the big defeat for Dallas sports this weekend, and life in college.

Don’t forget that you can order your pre sale copies of Blurred Vision starting TONIGHT!!

4 thoughts on “Had A Great Time On “The FK Show” Tonight

  1. Thanks for the post! Enjoyed the broadcast this evening and highly anticipating the release of Blurred Vision!!!!

  2. I checked it out last evening…but you know I am always up late. I may just have to check it out again. The “host” is too funknee! This so exciting and I am soooooo happy for you.

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