“Blurred Vision” Available Online Now!! Get Your Copy!!


Hey everybody, well today is 11-01-11….10 days until the official release date of my book (11-11-11), Blurred Vision!!!

But, you can begin ordering the book online today!! Just go to the “Buy Blurred Vision Here” header at the top of the page and you’ll be connected to this post, where you can purchase the book for $12.95+shipping and handling! Or you can just click on the “Buy Now” button as you’re reading this post!

Here’s one of the poems, “Behind A Smile” which is also featured on my website:

What mysteries lie behind a smile

And what stories lie untold behind a laugh

Those who appear to be happy

Aren’t always as they seem

Sometimes I feel as though

I am the one hiding behind myself

Sometimes I don’t feel like talking

I don’t feel like laughing

But you gotta smile through it

Because that’s what people expect

Your smile is therapy to others

But where’s the relaxation for you

Who knows what goes on?

Who knows what battles have to be won?

Who knows what problems are masked?

Who knows who is really happy?

Or just hiding behind a smile

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