Common: Blue Sky….Breath of Fresh Air


Common is one of those artists that marches to the beat of his own drum. Some may have thought his last CD, Universal Mind Control (primarily produced by The Neptunes) was a change from the norm and a deeper dive into a more mainstream sound. And it could have been, but one thing that you still have to give him credit for is it was still in a class of its own. Some fans called it a sell out CD with no substance (I will admit, Be is still my favorite Common CD of recent releases).  And does anybody else remember “So Far To Go” featuring D’Angelo from the Finding Forever CD? Very underrated classic in my opinion. But I digress, and on to the new music….

In case you didn’t know, Common has a new single and video titled “Blue Sky”. “Blue Sky” finds Common reaching back to his earlier roots with a sound that’s vintage yet current at the same time. The song grows on me each time I hear it, which says a lot considering I liked it at the first listen. It’s nice to hear a song with a hot beat and great lyrics….a true deficit in popular music right now. The video is interesting too, even though it doesn’t seem to boast a $1 million + budget as so many of today’s music videos do. Just goes to show that nothing beats a little creativity and original thinking. I’m anxious to see what direction his upcoming CD, The Dreamer/The Believer will go in. Meanwhile check out the new video and let me know what you think.

Would you bump it or trash it?

6 thoughts on “Common: Blue Sky….Breath of Fresh Air

  1. This is an awesome track from the new album. I’m a big Common fan, and this is getting back to the real Common. UMC, had some good tracks but wasn’t like Be, or anything before that.

  2. I would definitely have to “bump” that one. The video is awesome and it does a great job of bringing the words to life. Who among us can’t relate to nurturing our dreams in our own bedroom, backyard, etc. about becoming just like or better than our “dream” mentors? In the current state that this world is portrayed through the media…it’s great to be reminded to keep our heads up and focused on blue skies. Thanks for the review! I enjoyed it, the song and video.

  3. Thanks for checking out the post!Yes, I agree, he did a great job on this one. Can’t wait to hear the new CD and he did get back to his roots on this one. Yeah I like UMC for workout music or just to casually listen to, but Be is still in heavy rotation on my iPod!

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