Catching Smugglers…By Any Means Necessary


Brazilian police have brought new meaning to going beyond the call of duty today. In case you haven’t heard, CNN reported a story today about a car crashing into a plane of smugglers who were not pushing drugs….but electronics. Yep, iPhones, iPads, TVs, and anything else you can think of with an on and off switch. But it gets better….this crash happened by no accident. The occupants of the car were actually Brazilian policemen who purposely crashed into the plane to prevent the smugglers from getting away. Is it really that serious? Apparently so…and it has worked for them, as this is the 12th smuggling plane they have caught within the last 5 years. Hopefully for such drastic measures, their salaries can reflect it. So what do you think about it? Were these policemen just doing their job or taking it to the extreme?

6 thoughts on “Catching Smugglers…By Any Means Necessary

  1. Maybe it’s just me but it seems a bit drastic and awkward to have a car chasing an airplane! As soon as the criminals get just a little more training on the take off procedure then what are the police gonna do. The bandits just need to pick up some speed for take off and they will be high in the sky, chillin on one of the ipods…listening to Common’s jam about Blue Skies,

  2. Seems a bit extreme to me! Let’s look at this… A car versus a plane!! I guess that is why they get paid the big bucks (the pay must be worth it; if not, could it simply be the adrenalin rush)!! It would take more nerve than I have to meet a vehicle head-on in a vehicle that weighs far more than mine!! Whew!! Mission accomplished… and how!!

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