Goapele Is Back!!! The “Break of Dawn” Is Here


“Milk and Honey”

It’s been quite a while since the public has been able to hear a new CD from Goapele. Her previous CD, Change It All was released in 2005. In today’s music arena, some would say that’s far too long of a break to make a comeback. Perhaps her most recognizable song is “Closer”. But that was almost 10 years ago. So, many would say that the odds were stacked against Goapele this time around before she even started.

Quite surprisingly, Goapele delivers strongly on her 3rd studio effort, appropriately titled Break of Dawn. From the very beginning, the CD opens up strong with “Play,” a suggestive, sexy track with a teasing baseline. The song itself is very simple in production and vocals, but in a good way. “Tears On My Pillow” and “Undertow” follow nicely behind “Play”. “Tears On My Pillow” is a slow groove tale of realizing when a love has slipped away. Conversely, “Undertow” is an enjoyable listen as well, but speaks of sticking around in a relationship when you know it’s time to leave.

Goapele wrote all of the tracks on the CD and for the most part it boasts no big name producers of today. Just goes to show that true talent goes a long way. Ironically, the song “Milk and Honey,” was released over a year ago and was originally billed as the first single from Break of Dawn. It’s confident and cool all in the same breath. With only 10 tracks total, Break of Dawn is short in time length, but definitely doesn’t disappoint. Go pick it up!

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