Blurred Vision: It’s Time To Put Your Glasses On (11-11-11)











In less than an hour, it will finally be here!! “BLURRED VISION” WILL BE OFFICIALLY RELEASED TOMORROW (FRIDAY), 11-11-11!!!

Have you ever felt unclear the sight of your surroundings and what’s ahead? In life, we all have times where we may feel like our vision is unclear. The majority of the peauxetic (poetic) content of BLURRED VISION comes from that unclear place or perspective on certain areas of life. But, it’s time to put your glasses on see with 20/20 vision. You will be able to relate to something here as the book covers a wide range of topics including relationships, suicide, domestic violence, and spirituality.

PICK UP YOUR COPY TODAY FOR $12.95+ shipping and handling!!

And hopefully I’ll see you all tomorrow at RA Sushi in Plano, TX (6:00-8:00 pm) to celebrate the official release of my book!!

13 thoughts on “Blurred Vision: It’s Time To Put Your Glasses On (11-11-11)

  1. Congratulations! The world is truly blessed for the opportunity to have a glimpse inside of your experiences and exposure to the life stories of those you have encountered. Thank you for being courageous enough to share your gift with us.

    Best wishes Carlos on a highly successful launch!!!

  2. Ok, I am really started to get gitty. I am so very proud of you. And not just thankful strictly for you accomplishment, But, all the motivation you are and will be inspiring in others to follow their hearts and pursue the dreams,

    I know you have inspired me to finish mine in honor of my 50th birthday. I have been wondering where I wanted to go to mark the occasion. No it’s about doing something to mark it off the bucket list

    I can only imagine how the family feels,,,you truly are the personification of the “good son”. If I would have had a son…I would have appreciated one JUST LIKE YOU 🙂

    Can’t wait for the next one…Youthful Dementia (roll that around after your vision clears, you gonna like that one,,,my gift to you)

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