VH1 To Produce Upcoming TLC Biopic….


Millions of records sold. Arson. Illness. Bankruptcy. Iconic status. Controversy…..and tragically, Death.

Sound familiar? In a nutshell, it’s the story of R & B group, TLC. No new music (with the exception of sporadic solo singles and a few unreleased tracks) has been released from TLC in almost 10 years. Their last full length CD, 3D, was released in 2002. That year also marked the death of TLC’s most vibrant, volatile member, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.  However, it’s quite impressive that, even after such a lengthy hiatus from the music scene, they are still one of the largest selling female groups (and any group for that matter) ever. With over 40 million CDs sold worldwide in just 4 studio releases, there’s no group quite like TLC.

2012 marks 20 years in the music industry for TLC. Through all of the in fighting and controversy, they never truly broke up. The untimely death of Left Eye just so happened to put a halt on a group that had more left to give if it still had its original 3 members. But is TLC really done? Not quite. VH1 will be doing a series of biopic movies and the TLC story will be first in line. With 2 Behind the Music specials under their belt (a feat few artists have achieved), it will be interesting to see what’s included and what’s left out of the story. Kate Lanier (What’s Love Got Love To Do With It?Set It Off, and Glitter- she probably should scratch that one from her resume though) will be the writer of the movie. TLC’s story is so intriguing that the script itself may not be the issue, but rather who they get to play each member. I would have much rather liked to have seen this on the big screen, but I’m sure Chilli’s What Chilli Wants show on VH1 had a big impact on their decision.

So what do you think about the movie? Is there room for TLC to make a comeback? Are they still as relevant?

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