World AIDS Day….In Less Than 10 Minutes

In case you didn’t know, today is World AIDS Day. Help spread the word about protecting yourself and GET TESTED!!

Check out the link below for more information to educate yourself and others:


Also be sure to check out my poem that deals with this topic, called “In Less Than 10 Minutes”

A kiss on the neck

Breathing slow in my ear

Hands rubbing on my head

Fingers gripping your every strand

Unzip my dress and jeans

Slide down my Vickie’s please

Throw my boxers in the corner

Get ready for the TKO

Heavy breathing and petting

Skipping the foreplay

And the condoms too

Just get straight to it

Rushing to get to emptiness

In less than 10 minutes

Telling me you love me

But you love…

Don’t get it confused

Reaching for mountain peaks

And fate’s shadow is peaking through

In less than 10 mins

The beast in me will be

Unleashed in you

To become the itch in us 

That we just can’t scratch

Can somebody tell me how

All of this can happen in less than 10 minutes?


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