The Joys (and Pains) Of Self Publishing….

On November 11, 2011, I celebrated the release of my first poetry book, Blurred Vision. I have to keep saying “first” not only because I have ideas for 2 follow-up books already mapped out in my head, but because it’s a reminder. A reminder of mentally debating with myself on which poems to include in the book, saving up the money to get everything finalized, and sacrificing a lot of my free time to complete the finished product.  After you’ve done anything once, it’s always easier the next time….Or so I hope (lol).

Sometimes I can kick myself for waiting so long to get this book out. Since it’s not a novel, putting together the poems is the easiest part. I just chose which ones fit my concept the best. But I also believe timing is everything, and sometimes you can rush into something too quickly and sabotage yourself. During my brainstorming process of how to publish my book, I gathered some awesome ideas along the way. First, I thought about trying to seek out a publisher. This would have meant searching for God knows how long for someone to pick up my book, only to have them possibly change my vision and take a large chunk of profits….leaving me with next to nothing! I quickly dismissed that option….

Now on to self publishing….I battled between doing an audio CD of poems or an actual book. Although I love music and spoken word, I get a thrill when people read my poetry and interpret the meaning based on what they’ve read. Some have been dead on with how I felt at the time of writing it and other times, people have given meanings that I never intended but are still intriguing nonetheless.  So I decided on self publishing an actual book and here I am after about 4 months of active research, phone calls, emails, late nights and rough drafts with the finished copy in my hand.

On the promotional end, I’m getting those “aha” moments of why it may be good to have a publisher. Don’t get me wrong, I do still like having my creative control but I can see how a marketing strategy from a publisher can really help. Not so much even with ideas. I believe if it’s your project, no one can think outside of the box for it like you can….you just have to push yourself. But with publishers comes man power. A luxury few self publishers have. Thanks to my family, girlfriend, and close friends, I have been able to already see profit with Blurred Vision, but it has not been a cake walk.

I’m interested to see what you think though….self publishers, published authors from a major publishing company, which one is easier, and more rewarding? Has anyone done both and what are the pros and cons? As a newly published author, I’m eager to get fresh ideas from others who have done the same…whether by yourself or with an established company. How did you do it?

Don’t forget to pick up my book, Blurred Vision, a collection of original poems right here on my website. It’s simple, just click on one of the BuyNow buttons featured in any of the posts of the “Buy Blurred Vision Here” header at the top of the home page!

9 thoughts on “The Joys (and Pains) Of Self Publishing….

  1. I finished writing my first novel about two years ago. I too have decided to take the self publishing route, and I’m sure it’s because I let my impatience mixed with receiving 10 rejection letters, get the best of me lol. I told myself that I couldn’t put a price tag on my dream, so paying thousands of dollars to get my book published is an investment into my future.I think depending on what the writer is trying to accomplish, they can’t go wrong waiting to be picked up by an agent or self publishing. When I publish my second book, I am hoping that I will at least have developed a large enough following or made a decent name for myself because I would too like the benefits of having a major publishing company behind me. I believe no matter what, you’ll always have to be your biggest fan/cheerleader, but having that man power behind certainly would help.

  2. Congratulations Ariel on completing your novel! I can’t wait to read it! You’re right that you can’t put a price tag on an investment for yourself…you’re worth it. Thanks for sharing your story and process of writing your book!

  3. Your an awesome writer and because of you I stopped struggling with my ideas I think that all of us go thro this from time to time. I to would like to come out with a book someday that will inspire people. About my political powerful family and what they were involved in the abuse that lead to my family’s occult as well. I finely got the concept down so keep checking up on me and don’t give up on your hopes and dreams like my family has taught me.

  4. Thank you!! I really appreciate that and honored that you think so. That’s awesome to hear about your book and never give up on it The great thing is you already have the concept for it, so you should do well if you stick to that. I’ll be checking to see how it’s going.

  5. I love what you have done with this post. I am currently working on a book and have been debating the self publishing/publisher topic with myself. I too like the idea of maintaining complete control over my project yet I could be better served by the strategy of a publisher to see profits quicker and possibly higher.

    I really enjoyed this post a lot.

  6. Thank you Leslie. I really appreciate it. I found it much more gratifying to self publish, at least this go round. I may feel differently when the time comes for my next book. Can’t wait to read your book when it comes out! Right, there are pros and cons to both sides.

  7. My pleasure! I have vowed to get back to it after the new year but I am pulling myself in a zillion directions and must commit to completing it before 2013. Then I will look at publishing options.

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