Your Top 5 Christmas Songs

5. “Merry Christmas Baby” by James Brown

I can’t say I would just stop everything I’m doing if I heard this song on the radio, lol.  But it always makes me think of family…my grandfather specifically. I can always expect to hear him singing this song around the house during Christmas time. It’s funny how certain songs spark memories for us.

4. “Every Year, Every Christmas” by Luther Vandross

Another nostalgic moment here. I think Luther Vandross had a great voice but I remember hearing this one over and over again from my parents, lol. The song isn’t bad though and it’s an original concept. But if you listen to the lyrics, it’s actually kinda depressing. He keeps coming back to the same spot every year waiting for this woman. Ok I can see maybe coming back once or twice…but every year???? and every Christmas??? Sounds like a bit much to me. But at least he got a good song out of it.

3. “Let It Snow” by Boyz II Men featuring Brian McKnight

This song is smooth and makes you feel like you should be drinking hot chocolate and eating smores. I probably could listen to this any time of year, let alone Christmas. Although Boys II Men still makes new music today, it’s just not the same without Michael (bass singer) in the group anymore. Classic song by arguably the best R & B male group of this generation.

2. “Sleigh Ride” by TLC

TLC has always driven in their own lane when it comes to music and image. So it’s no surprise that “Sleigh Ride” is a mix of traditional and original flavor for the Christmas holiday. A really Crazy, Sexy, Cool Christmas….if there is such a thing, lol. T-Boz’ scratchy vocals, Left Eye’s playful raps and Chilli’s soulful singing make up a great combination on this hit Christmas song. Also check out their “All I Want For Christmas” track. Kinda makes you wonder what a TLC Christmas CD would have sounded like.

1. “Silent Night” by The Temptations

We’ve all heard many different renditions of this song, but this one is my absolute favorite. I don’t think any Christmas song could ever top this one for me. Everything you feel and love about Christmas is wrapped up into this one song. When the first line: “In my mind” hits, you know you’re about to have a good time, lol. Their version was released over 40 years ago (1970) but it still sounds amazing. Just goes to show you can’t put a time stamp on good music.

So what are some of your favorite Christmas songs that you get excited about the holiday season?

5 thoughts on “Your Top 5 Christmas Songs

  1. Way to go!!! I am happy to see that at least 2 of my favorite Christmas songs made the “Top 5 Christmas Songs” and no.4!!! (I would guess that no.4 is no surprise to you..LOL!!) Love it!

  2. You create a very interesting list here. It’s really hard for me to make a short list because Christmas music is actually my favorite music. I am sure to leave some of my faves out of this list but here goes: I like Kenny Loggins Celebrate Me Home, James Brown Santa Clause Go Straight To The Ghetto, Whitney Houston Do You Hear What I Hear, and anything sung by Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera and The Temptations.

      • My pleasure! In my opinion good music is hard to find. Christmas music is about the only music, unless you count my favorite – smooth jazz, that does not offend me. I don’t care for much r&b, hip hop or rap post 2000. I listen to ESPN most hours of the day anyway.

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