Check My Resume….And My New Promotional Video for “Blurred Vision”

Ok, so before I got to bed and get ready for another long work day, I figured I’d share a couple of things with everyone. First off, I have a hot new promotional video for my original poetry book, Blurred Vision. This video was created by John Patrick Adams. Make sure to check out his website @

Get your copy of Blurred Vision today, right here! Just click on one of the BuyNow buttons in the “Buy Blurred Vision Here” header at the top of the site.

And here’s a new poem I’ve written, called “Check My Resume”. It’s not featured in Blurred Vision, but it just might be included in a future project that I’m doing….let me know what you think.

Check My Resume

I am not impressed

By your plaques on the wall

Like humpty dumpty

They will teeter totter

Topple over and have a great fall

I am not enthused

By your keyless entry

It will one day trip up

And you will lock yourself

Out of your own existence

Like the burglar bars

I have up for you mentally

I am not enthralled

By your pocket roll of cash

Sure, it spends but not on me

And without anything saved

It surely won’t last

I am not amused by your technical gadgets

I am not interested in your intellectual stabbing

Condescendingly bending your view points

On deaf ears

You do not matter to me

You who only thinks selfishly

You who only looks good on paper

And that’s even relative

Do yourself a favor and see how change

Tastes now instead of later

And don’t spend all your life being a

Shallow paper chaser 

2 thoughts on “Check My Resume….And My New Promotional Video for “Blurred Vision”

  1. Amen!! Can we post this on the walls of several “co-workers” we all seem to know??

    This is yet another phenomenal piece of work!! I absolutely love it!!

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