Are CD’s Being Replaced by iTunes???

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a lover of music. R & B and Hip Hop are my most favorite, but I can find songs that I like in pretty much any genre. The last 2 CDs I bought were James Fortune’s Identity and Wale’s Ambition (I know…..opposite ends of the spectrum…don’t judge me, lol). Well I actually lied…these weren’t tangible CDs that I bought. I bought them both on iTunes. Although I’m enjoying both of the CDs, I kinda regret getting them on iTunes.

If there is such a thing, I’m a self-proclaimed CD nerd, lol. If it’s a really good CD, I like to have the real CD booklet to read through….not a burned a copy or iTunes download. iTunes does have it’s perks-the digital copy of the CD booklet and sometimes music videos included as a bonus when you purchase the CD. But nothing beats getting the actual CD rang up at Target (Target Tuesdays…..I’m a recovering addict, lol). and reading who produced and wrote the songs and viewing the CD artwork. But I seem to the be in the very slim majority here. Most people are turning towards downloads to get their favorite music instead of purchasing an actual CD. And the artists are becoming more savvy by including perks that only come with an iTunes purchase.

When do you think CD’s will actually become extinct? I personally don’t think it will be long at all.

Are we that enticed by the simple click of a button to get our music instead of paying for it at a register? That seems to be the case. The CD is slowly fading away, so for those that are like me and want the real thing….you may want to stock up now while you can.

5 thoughts on “Are CD’s Being Replaced by iTunes???

  1. I think you may be right, but, YOU and everyone like you can began to change that by doing exactly what you have said… purchase the CD’s; avoid the more convenient, lazy, quick way of purchasing I-tunes via download and/or CD burning.

    The consumer has the ultimate say-so…I know… there just might not be enough of you / us to make a difference, huh? And will we make the effort to make the difference, or are the modern conveniences just too convenient ??

    P.S. I especially like the “recovering addict” part! I was SOL!!

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