2012 Grammy Predictions

In case you didn’t know, the 2012 Grammy Awards will be airing tomorrow night (along with the new season of Celebrity Apprentice…..love that show, lol). As usual, there is the usual snubbed talent- this year it’s Jill Scott. I don’t understand that one because she definitely deserves her share of nominations (and wins). But there are also some very well deserving nominees here as well.

I won’t lie, I’m not interested in all of the categories, but there are a few that I have my own predictions on who the winner will be.

Who do you think will win?

Record of the Year

  • Rolling In The Deep- Adele
  • Holocene- Bon Iver
  • Grenade- Bruno Mars
  • The Cave- Mumford & Sons
  • Firework- Katy Perry

*My bet is on Adele for this one. Not only has she been extremely hot this year, she actually has the best song in this category. But something is to be commended for explosives this year….as “Grenade” and “Firework” could be strong contenders too.

Best Rock Album

  • Rock N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul by Jeff Beck
  • Wasting Light by Foo Fighters
  • Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon
  • I’m With You by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • The Whole Love by Wilco

*This one could be tricky, but I think Red Hot Chili Peppers will get it for I’m With You. All of the groups Grammy wins have been in the Rock category, so they are somewhat of a shoe in. But the Foo Fighters have also proved longevity and could surprise us.

Best R & B Album

  • Chris Brown – F.A.M.E.
  • El Debarge- Second Chance
  • R. Kelly- Love Letter
  • Ledisi- Pieces of Me
  • Kelly Price- Kelly

*I honestly think this category will be between R. Kelly and Chris Brown…with Chris Brown as the winner. Considering what happened with him and Rihanna 3 years ago, almost the same night, some may think this is impossible. But I have to admit, he did put out a good CD with F.A.M.E.

Best Rap Performance

  • Look At Me Now – Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes
  • Otis- Jay Z & Kanye West
  • The Show Goes On- Lupe Fiasco
  • Moment 4 Life- Nicki Minaj & Drake
  • Black and Yellow- Wiz Khalifa

*As much as it would be cool to see Lupe Fiasco take this one home (it’s the only song here that really has a good message), I think Jay Z and Kanye will take this one home. A win for them would be ironic considering Jay Z once boycotted the Grammys.


On a sad note if you haven’t heard, we also lost one of the best voices ever in music tonight, Whitney Houston. May she rest in peace and check out her 1994 Grammy performance of the massive hit, “I Will Always Love You”.

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