Chris Brown Joins Rihanna On “Birthday Cake” Remix….

Hot off the heels (better yet knuckles, lol) of her new “Thug Life” tattoo, Rihanna has decided to join forces with Chris Brown on the remix of her song “Birthday Cake” taken from the Talk That Talk CD ***blank stare***.   And this is only 1 of 2 recent collaborations. Rihanna is also featured on Chris Brown’s remix to the song “Turn Up The Music” from his upcoming Fortune album.  At almost this exact same time 3 years ago, the former couple was thrown into media frenzy over their pre-Grammy awards brawl.

Seems like the two have moved on and forgiven each other. But could this be a mistake for their careers (more so Rihanna’s)? Producer and songwriter The Dream, who co wrote and produced the original “Birthday Cake” track says he had no idea Rihanna had any intentions of featuring Chris Brown on the remix. Hmmmm…’s also interesting to note that “Birthday Cake” is actually just over 1 minute long on the original CD version….now it’s a full length song. Not surprisingly, Chris Brown walked away with this year’s Best R&B Album Grammy Award for F.A.M.E. (Check out my “2012 Grammy Predictions” post).

Because of the song’s explicit content, I have not posted the “Birthday Cake” remix here, but you can check out the “Turn Up The Music” remix below. So what do you think of their decision to collaborate again with each other after the breakup? Could they just be joining forces to make a hit or is it a big mistake? (Turn Up The Music- Remix)

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