U.S. Gets Jipped With The New HTC One X???

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So you may have already heard the buzz over AT&T’s new HTC One X phone by now. It will be available in April and is the 1st quad-core processing phone (Nvidia Tegra 3 processor) ever released…but don’t get too excited. The U.S. won’t be getting this version. We’ll be getting the dual-core CPU version (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4), also known as the HTC One S. Why? Apparently, when the HTC One X was being created, it wasn’t compatible with the LTE Radio included in the One S version.

But this still may not deter buyers from getting their hands on this new talking device as soon as it’s released. Check out some of its highlights below:

4.7 Inch HD Display (4.3 Inches for the HTC One S)

Not only does the HTC One X come with a large HD display screen, you can also remove video stills from recordings as pictures. Or you can even take pictures in the middle of recording videos.

32GB of Built In Storage

Although this may be a great selling point for some, I just recently bought a 32GB iPod Touch and I love it. I probably would use most of that space for music files anyway, and I’d rather have my iPod for that. But hey, it’s still good to have the space if you need it.

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

The 8.0 Mega Pixel camera that comes with the phone has a better start up time (.7 seconds) and auto-focus (only .2 seconds) than virtually any phone currently on the market. Plus, you no longer have to switch between video and camera options…the buttons for each sit comfortable right next to each other for your convenience now.

Let The Beat Build

All applications are powered by Beats Audio Integration. Not only can you have the best listening experience with your favorite videos and music, but you can also wirelessly sync to iTunes.

I’m seriously considering getting this phone and anxious to see how the buying public will receive it.

iPhone users, is this phone worth making a switch? Android users, is this one you’ll be waiting to upgrade to? What do you think of the HTC One X? Is the One S worth not having the quad-core processor? 

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