“Kissing Dirt For Now” – New Poem

Check out the new poem that I wrote called “Kissing Dirt For Now” and let me know what you think!!

I may be here now

Laying wearily with my nose

Kissing the dirt

Eyes closed to protect myself

From the elements

Fingernails digging through the ground

Trying to climb my way out

But this will not last for long

This is not my ending

It’s just the beginning

Just the beginning

Of a new chapter

I may seem lost in direction to you

But I am merely finding my way back home

I am currently, but not permanently down

I am equipped to turn this situation around

I believe what will come into existence

So many times we fail to realize

That our negative thinking is what gives

Our progress the most resistance

It’s time to get up…..

2 thoughts on ““Kissing Dirt For Now” – New Poem

  1. I absolutely love it!! I love the encouragement, for those are “temporarily” facing challenges. Everyone needs to know that “this too shall pass!”

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