Relax…They’re “Just Words” That Hurt (New Poem)

Been having a lot of thoughts lately, and here’s some of them I’ve been able to get out on paper when I have the time. I decided to share this one….check out the new poem I’ve written called “Just Words”. Let me know what you think!

Positive affirmations will not

Permeate through the labyrinth

That entails these negative

Consonant and vowel sounds

Catch 22 is so to speak

Or press rewind

In your mind in silence

To soak it all in and think

I kick you, jujitsu

You stab me, retaliate

We are far beyond

A great debate

These bruises nobody sees

But our soul turns blue, purple, green

I lie and say that it’s ok

But that compounds, just builds mounds

To eruption, confusion, I lose it

Now prove it

That your point is right

I don’t care to hear

These words here are

Nothing clear

Just trudging through

This state of mud

End up right back

Where we started from

It’s just words

But the pierce is fierce

Let’s see what’s left

When the smoke is clear

It’s just words

More than Anita Baker

We apologize

Up from the larynx

Then out my lips

These words keep us in more…..

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