Live Interview On KWWJ Gospel 1360 AM

Good Morning everybody!! Hope everyone is making today a great day and excited about what’s in store for their lives.

Just a quick note to let you all note that I’ll be interviewing live this morning on KWWJ Gospel 1360 AM for my book, Blurred Vision!!

Click on the link to listen in for the live stream

Also, if you don’t already have your copy of Blurred Vision, you can purchase it today! Just click on the BuyNow link below.

2 thoughts on “Live Interview On KWWJ Gospel 1360 AM

  1. I really love your poem. Words do hurt more than we ever let on to. Words stay with you longer than pain from being beating. You continue to hear hurtful words in your memory in your thoughts of the time someone said something painful to you. Keep writing your words are beautiful.

  2. Hi Karen, thank you so much for stopping by my site and checking out the interview this morning! And I’m very honored that you enjoyed my poem. Yes, words definitely do hurt. I think we all at times are guilty of saying hurtful things and you’re right a lot of times it does stick with us. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

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