Hunger Games Author Not “Hungry” for Recognition…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, if you’re a movie buff, you’ve more than likely heard of the new Hunger Games movie. Am I planning on rushing out to the theaters to go see it? Not hardly. The movie, for some reason, doesn’t grab me by the previews. But just as many have told me about Twilight, it may be very entertaining once you give it a try.  Speaking of Twilight, the opening weekend numbers for Hunger Games topped $150 million, bigger than any Twilight film and making it the biggest opening ever for a non-sequel and the 3rd largest opening in history.

But I’m not here to talk about the content of the movie and what premise it’s based on. I was sitting at Firestone (getting a new tire from the flat I had that day….yeah for me!), and there was a story on CNN about how rapidly the tickets were selling to see Hunger Games.  In the midst of all of the hoopla, exponential profit, and media frenzy, one very important person was missing. Suzanne Collins. It wasn’t that she was being quiet in the public eye about her success. It’s the fact that she isn’t anywhere to even be found within a 100 mile radius of the public eye.  The editor of the movie that spawned from the hugely successful “Hunger Games” trilogy book series, stated that Suzanne is quite content with just selling her books and now the success of ticket sales for the movie. Suzanne may be keeping a low profile (her most recent interview found was a 2-year-old YouTube clip….see the clip below), but she’s quietly depositing major checks in the bank.

On one hand I was extremely impressed with her seemingly humble attitude towards her enormous success. I just couldn’t believe how she wasn’t at least on a couple of interviews or maybe even Tweeting about her excitement for the movie.  I don’t know many that would take the high road and not fiend for the spotlight even a little bit.  The instant success of the Hunger Games is enough to make anyone in similar shoes as Suzanne feel extremely proud.

But what if it’s not that she’s so humble? Could it just be that Suzanne is more of a one woman show that just likes to stay to herself, without any fanfare?  The story reminds me somewhat of the movie Finding Forrester, about a successful author who didn’t thrive on praise from the outside world.  Just like Sean Connery’s character in this movie, Suzanne’s life seems to be somewhat similar.

I’m interested to hear what those who have seen it think about it.  Are there any fans that would stand in line for hours to see the film? How does it compare to the book?

Check out this clip of one of the few interviews with Suzanne Collins.

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