J Cole and Missy Elliott’s Perfect Imperfections

You may or may not have heard J Cole and Missy Elliott’s “Nobody’s Perfect” track, pulled from J Cole’s Cole World- Sideline Story CD.  The CD has been out for a while now, but the new single appears to be the Missy Elliott assisted, “Nobody’s Perfect”. Not to mention Missy’s guest appearance (she makes any song better), the track is great on its own with J Cole’s raps and the addictive production. J Cole’s slow flow is back by Missy’s sing-song rap chant (“Nobody’s perfect, aye/But you’re perfect for me”).

I’ve actually gotten a little annoyed with the current state of music, especially Hip Hop. With the exception of a few artists, there’s no substance or even a banging beat to bob your head to. But “Nobody’s Perfect” ironically breaks the mold with an awesome video that lives up to the infectious groove of the song itself. Complete with moving  post card scenes, cameras, with blinking eye lenses, ghosts appearing from an old school TV and a yellow and white lit stage for J Cole and Missy, this video is the best one I’ve seen for Hip Hop in a while. Better yet, one of the best videos I’ve seen lately, period. The creativity here is out of the ordinary and the visuals are very appealing to the eye. Thanks J Cole and Missy for helping to revitalize original thought and concepts to music video and song.

What do you think of the video? Are you feeling it or not? And by the way, Missy don’t make us wait too much longer for a new CD. I’m still jamming The Cookbook, but there’s definitely a void in music without you.

2 thoughts on “J Cole and Missy Elliott’s Perfect Imperfections

  1. I’m from the same hometown as Missy. Never met her, but her music is loved by many and I’m glad to see she’s doing well. Nice post!

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