MJB Goes Wrong With New BK Commercial

Mary J. Blige. She represents pain, growth, authenticity and being a overcomer. It’s amazing to think she’s been on the music scene for over 20 years and is still just as relevant now (if not more) as she was when What’s the 411? first dropped. Over the years we’ve seen her make a transformation from high-energy combat boots wearing hip hop girl to formal dress wearing, glamorous songstress. We’ve seen her do a few endorsements (remember the Chevy Tahoe commercial with all the different “Marys” over the years?) and grace multiple magazine covers too. So you would think that anything she touches would have ….eh…a little more class than her recent Burger King commercial.

Check out the video in case you haven’t already seen it. It features Mary J Blige singing about the new BK Chicken Wrap to the tune of her song, “Don’t Mind” from the My Life II. I actually like the original version of the song, but not feeling the commercial version at all. The commercial really doesn’t even make sense and MJB has received much backlash for it. Some are saying the video is even border line racist. I don’t know about racist, but I do know it left me thinking, “What the Hell?” Hopefully she got a fat check for this one… She released a statement earlier this week saying that this version was not the one she agreed to. Burger King has since pulled the ad, stating that it was “prematurely” released…right Burger King….right.  Meanwhile, I’m still scratching my head on it and hoping the “official” version is much better than this.

What do you think about the commercial? Is it a hit or miss?

2 thoughts on “MJB Goes Wrong With New BK Commercial

  1. I saw the commercial yesterday and I didn’t find it racist. I was more disappointed that she would allow money to make her do a commercial like that. MJB is bigger then a BK commercial. This is something you expect from a new artist not an artist on MJB level. I just hope the check was worth it bc she
    just became an artist like the dude in the verizon commercial “Flex” (I think that’s his name, lol)

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