Bombs Away for Dawn Richard?

You may not know the name Dawn Richard, but you’ve definitely seen her. She was a part of the short-lived girl group Danity Kane, from Diddy’s Making the Band series. The group enjoyed multi-platinum success but eventually was forced (in a not so forced kind of way) to disband after releasing only 2 CDs. Unlike some of the group’s members, she has managed to stay relevant in the spotlight….and in a positive way. She found some success with the group Dirty Money as well, which was also created by Diddy. But now it may be her turn to shine on her own.

On March 27, 2012, Dawn released her new EP on iTunes called Armor On. Considering the contrast between the music of groups Danity Kane and Dirty Money, Dawn offers yet another facet of her skill set on the 10 track EP Armor On. I was expecting more ballads with a few uptempo tracks, but Dawn actually presents quite the opposite. This doesn’t mean her EP is a disappointment though.  Many of the tracks here are heavily electronic/pop influenced, but with a hard edge. The music here was produced almost solely by Druski, who has his own style that meshes well with her voice. On some of the tracks, Dawn sounds eerily similar to R & B singer Brandy. Not in a copying sort of way, but more so by happenstance.

In conjunction with the release of Armor On, Dawn Richard released a music video for the song “Bombs”. Definitely one of the stand out tracks from Armor On, the video features Dawn and several dancers in the desert with black outfits and warrior themed accessories. The video will remind you of certain scenes from Beyonce’s “Run The World” clip, released last year.  Other highlights on the project include “Automatic”,”Black Lipstick” and “Save Me From U (Remix)”. You can get Armor On on iTunes now, while you wait for Dawn’s full length upcoming project, GoldenHeart. Her new solo material will not be released on Bad Boy Records. Let’s see what kind of explosion Dawn makes with her new solo ventures….

2 thoughts on “Bombs Away for Dawn Richard?

  1. Hey Carlos! I wanted to stop by and let you know that I am nomitating you for the very inspirational blog award. I’ll be posting all the info tomorrow, and listing a link as well as several others that inspire me in some way. 🙂

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