Hit The Weights….Then Eat The Cake

Monday at work I was feeling good because I had just finished up a really good workout earlier that morning. Never mind the fact that I had eaten 2 pieces of pizza by lunch (provided during a working lunch meeting). I figured, “Hey, it’s alright cause I’ve already burned that off in my workout.” But then came the cupcakes and dreambars. There was a bake sale going on that day that had tons of left over treats. Of course, I was one of the guinea pigs to be offered some sweets against my own will. Ok, I’m stretching this a bit, lol. I ate one cupcake and by the next 2 hours, I had also eaten a dreambar. I definitely had killed my workout, but at least I could eat a light dinner to balance it out right?

Let’s just be a little over zealous and say I burned 650 calories during my workout (it probably was more like 500). Now let’s find out how many calories are in a cupcake with frosting.

In an article by Carolyn Malcoun, Contributing Editor to EatingWell Magazine, she says that an average bakery cupcake contains 585 calories and 20 grams of fat! Say it ain’t so…SMH. There goes my work out shot to hell…

But wait. I have to place the blame somewhere….

As I was leaving the gym a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that there were not 1, not 2, but 3 fast food restaurants within walking distance of the gym. Keep in mind this strip was built-in what seemed like less than a month. One sells burgers and fries (Five Guys). The other sells cupcakes (GiGi’s Cupcakes) and a pizza joint (Pie Five). Not to mention all of these restaurants are located in the same strip! In less than 20 paces from leaving the gym, you can be in junk food paradise. At another gym I sometimes workout at, there is a Popeyes right next door. Go do your sit ups, pull ups and then fork lifts with a biscuit and a pepper. WTH?! True, we should all have self-control, but please don’t tempt me by shoving this junk in my face. I’m already breathing hard from my workout when I leave and now my first hint of fresh air is filled with fried chicken, seasoned fries, corn on the cob and buttermilk biscuits. Good job Popeyes and LA Fitness…good job. Check out some of the pics I took below…and remember these buildings are in an extremely close vicinity.

I’ve been paying attention to this in a lot of different areas and have begun to wonder if there’s some kind of conspiracy going on, lol. Next time you find a local gym or health store, take a look around at how close a fast food restaurant is. You’ll be sure to find one very close by.  So when you eat bad after that workout, and then say “I’ll work it off” just remember you probably won’t. Think about that almost 600 calorie cupcake and try to say no (unless it’s worth the cheat, lol). Even if you get a really good work out in, the most calories you probably will burn is about 1000 in one session. It takes days, sometimes weeks to recover from a bad meal. But it only takes a few minutes to eat the wrong thing.

Are you guilty of hitting the weights and then eating the cake? Share your thoughts on how you’re able (or not able) to say no  to junk food after your workouts.

4 thoughts on “Hit The Weights….Then Eat The Cake

  1. I am soo guilty!! I am trying to do better but I do find at times after I had a hard work out, I justify eating that guilty food. I have to stay on the course and remember the ultimate goal. (I sooo didn’t knw cupcakes had so much calories…I love cupcakes)

  2. Don’t feel too bad, I’m guilty too! LOL. I think as long as it’s a special occassion or once a week, it’s not too bad. I can usually pass on the cupcakes but chips are my weakness…and almost anything from Razzoos, lol. Thanks for checking out the post!

  3. those cupcakes look………amazing. i did a double take on them when i was scrolling down some blogs. i thought, “HOLD UP! BACK UP! REVERSE! RIGHT…..THERE! THOSE!” droooooooool.

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