I Said I Never Would….

Fried crawfish and a baked potato. This is what I usually get when I go to my favorite restaurant, Pappadeaux. I almost get offended when they give me a menu, lol. “What do I need that for???” I think you all probably know by now that I love food. When I have a favorite thing in any facet of my life (including food), I can go overboard with it sometimes. Tradition and habits are sometimes good, but  if we keep doing the same things over and over again, are we really living? I’ve begun to think more about turning 30 soon. No I’m not rushing my life away, but I’m 27 now and it will be here before I know it. I just don’t want to look up one day years later and realize I always played it safe, didn’t take any risks and only stuck to the things I liked.

Here are a few things that I took a leap of faith on that have all turned out to be positive for me.

Not Your Average Frat Guy

I never really grew up feeling like I was fit to be a fraternity guy. A lot of the reasons I would hear why people joined just didn’t seem to apply to me. I never had a longing to be a part of an in-crowd (maybe cause I’m an only child) either. But during my freshman year in college, I kept noticing that many of the guys around me who were helpful and mentors just happened to be Alphas. I thought, hmmmm….there may be something more to this that I should look into. Almost 8 years later, I’m so honored to be a member of this brotherhood and organization.

My favorite line jacket I had made when I was in college...

Taste This…

I used to be one of those people who you couldn’t pay to eat sushi. My first time trying it was last June during a happy hour at work. Surprisingly, I loved it! For now I’m just sticking to the California and Shrimp Rolls (or anything cooked). I haven’t graduated to the raw sushi yet, lol. Baby steps…I accidentally ate Rainbow Sushi once with raw fish and it actually wasn’t bad. I think it’s just the thought of consciously eating raw fish that gets to me. Now you can’t keep me out of Ra Sushi, a restaurant in Plano, TX. I like it so much, it’s where I had my book signing event for my poetry book, Blurred Vision!

RA Sushi...one of my new favorite restaurants.

To Be Or Not To Be Bald?

My hair started thinning when I turned 25. As much as I wanted to deny it, I knew that I eventually had to do something. And Rogaine was not an option for me, lol. I contemplated going bald for over a year before I actually did it. But I was nervous about how I would look bald. But on August 14, 2010 I decided to go for it. I’ve been keeping the bald look ever since and other than having to shave every other day, I love it. I miss having hair sometimes, but not enough to keep it and let it be thin.

Back when I still had hair....

Me with no hair, about a year ago....

So what are you trying that’s new? Or are you just going through the motions doing the same ‘ole thing, day in and day out? What you said you would never do, just might be the best thing for you.

4 thoughts on “I Said I Never Would….

  1. Awesome blog! You really make people think, you know? Let’s see, I’m still trying to get to that point of trying things that I said I would never try. I did try sushi, not a big fan. As a kid, I said I would never ever get on a roller coaster, but now I LOVE them although I’m still picky on the ones I ride.

    Now I’ve always wanted to ride a horse because cowboys always make it look so fun. I finally got the chance to ride one in Phoenix, AZ, last November and it was so scary and fun at the same time! Hopefully, I will try even more things that I said I would never try 🙂

  2. Thanks for checking out the post Tam! So glad you enjoyed it! I’m with you on the roller coasters. Always was willing to try them, but I love them too, lol. But I don’t get on every one either. That’s great that you’re staying open to trying new things!

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