Clocking In and Going Off (In The Workplace)

I recently read an article in USA today about workplace pet peeves and common mistakes. I agreed with pretty much everything on the list, including loud mouthed coworkers and nasty kitchen etiquette. Who likes to hear a personal phone call of a coworker arguing with their spouse? Or what about the person that coughs all over the microwave? After reading this article, I was inspired to create my own list of personal workplace pet peeves that make me want to go off after clocking in. Check out my top 5 WTH?! workplace pet peeves, and feel free to add yours too. These are in no specific order.

1.  Do You Have A Second?

So I’m just walking in and have to go to the restroom because I just downed 2 bottles of water. But of course, I have drop my things off at my desk, then put my food in the refrigerator all before I make it to the restroom. Then here you are standing in my cube as I’m about to walk out of it saying, “Hey, do you have a sec?” Well, let’s see, my lunch is in my hand, my computer’s not even on yet and my keys are at the corner of my desk. Sure, I have a sec! SMH…that really burns me up for real. Now I can maybe (but not really) see if there’s a major issue going on, but in these situations it’s usually something that can wait until tomorrow.

2. Watch Where You’re Going…

So, I’m walking down the hall, headed who knows where at the moment. Then out of nowhere….boom!!! Well not really but it could have been. Somebody stops just short enough to not have knocked the imaginary cup of coffee (which I can’t stand to drink, lol) out of my hand and all over my shirt. But hey, it’s ok…cause everybody’s in a rush right???? We all have deadlines, meetings, and last-minute conference calls to tend to, but shouldn’t you maybe say excuse me if you’re the one that almost bumped into me? Why do I get the dumbfounded look I bumped into you??? I’m just saying.

3. No Tailgating

Don’t you hate it when you’re leaving work and there’s one person or a crowd behind you walking so closely you can just feel them breathing on your neck? So close you can tell they had onions for lunch??? Hey, believe me I’m ready to clock out and head home too just like the rest of us. But can you stop clipping my heels on the way out? Especially if I’m walking on one side of the hall with plenty of room to go around. Next time that happens to you, try this: just stop. Yep, just stop and act like you’re checking your phone or just stop for the fun of it. It will force them to move around….and maybe think twice about they tailgate in the workplace.

4. Outbreak 

It’s one thing to hack and sneeze in the confines of your own cube.  But when I have to sit next to you and say bless you 6 times in 60 seconds, we have a problem. Everyone likes to blame “allergies” but since I can’t tell right now whether this chronic cough or sneeze is the flu, I may need to move my chair down in the meeting room. Even if you have a cold, that’s understandable to an extent…as long as you cover your mouth. But please don’t cough or sneeze, leaving room for the germ sprayer that is your mouth and nose to infiltrate us all.  Sneeze or cough in your sleeve if you have to…or better just use a sick day.

5. Reading Is Fundamental….

This one is more comedic relief than a pet peeve for me, but I thought I’d include it anyway. I just love it when someone gets mad at me on email (remember ALL CAPS means war…don’t start it if you can’t finish it), copies everyone and their boss’s mom and decides to go on a rampage about something they don’t like that I did. You’ve seen it before. They make statements like, “We were NEVER notified of this!!!” Really??? Just scroll down and you’ll see the attached email of my first “notification”. Pure comedy….LOL. That’s when you just respond with an attachment of the original notification….again, since they obviously missed it the first time.

So what are your top pet peeves in the workplace? Feel free to add your own or comment on the ones I’ve listed here with your personal stories.

2 thoughts on “Clocking In and Going Off (In The Workplace)

  1. Ok, I need to pass this blog along to my co-workers because I’m sure that most of them will agree on most of the things that you’ve listed because they do them, lol!

    The first pet peeve that you mentioned I totally agree, “Do you have a sec?” We actually have (lunch) signs that we post on our cubes if we choose to eat lunch at our desk and I could be sitting there GRUBBING and all of a sudden someone is standing there saying,”Sorry to interrupt your lunch, but my need is greater than your eating, can you help me?” Go figure it just happened as I’m typing this…which is why leaving my work space for lunch is the best option.

    My all time work pet peeve is using restrooms at work. I don’t mean to gross anybody out but I can’t STAND using public restrooms. Especially if they don’t apply my mom’s golden rule, “Flush as it drops.” I mean why sit there and marinate in your own juices, flush your mess then get up and go, don’t nobody want to smell that!
    Sorry didn’t mean to go off on a tantrum. Those are my pet peeves :o)

  2. LOL! I would love to hear if they own up to doing some of these things.

    Wait, please don’t tell me they actually say, ‘My need is greater than your eating”??? Those are fighting words! I hear you though. It’s hard to eat at your desk and still have breaks/lunch, etc.

    And yes I agree on that last one too, LMAO!!

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