Catch Me On “The G Spot” Tonight!

So what did you think that G stood for??? LOL. Well, it stands for Groove….

Tonight at 7:00 pm CST, I’ll be one of the featured guests on the “Jasira’s G Spot (the G is for Groove)”  segment of On Common Ground- Reality Radio Unscripted. I’ll be reading some poetry from my book, Blurred Vision and you’ll get to hear from other awesome poets as well. You can even call in to give your own spoken word/poetry pieces or just ask questions at 214-217-4855.

To log on and hear the show, go to and hit the “launch player”.  It’s located at the top of the site once you log on in. You can also listen on your phone by downloading the FREE APP “LIVE365” then find dfwiradio in the search engine.

And if you don’t have your copy of Blurred Vision yet then what are you waiting for??? Lol. Just click on the BuyNow link below and purchase your signed copy today!!

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