Tupac’s Back?!?!

Well….not exactly, but it sure looks like it. In case you haven’t already heard, Tupac performed at The 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts last weekend, alongside Snoop Dogg. Needless to say his performance was the most talked about of Coachella’s 2 weekends of performances for the event. Other guests include Eminem, Rihanna, Dr. Dre, Usher, Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean. I won’t be posting the video here due to the very explicit language, but it’s all over YouTube, so check it out there. How in the heck did they make it possible for Tupac to perform though??? Apparently there is a 3 part process which includes a reflected screen that bounces back to the on-stage image, which is located on the floor right below the stage. The behind the projected image on stage is a thin, foil like sheet that makes it all come to life.  But the image itself is only 2D. While Snoop Dogg was performing with the hologram Tupac, he could not stand too close to the image, in order to maintain the illusion for the crowd. He wasn’t even able to see Tupac on stage, like everyone else in the audience was.

Now there is talk of possible performances for next year’s show with Michael Jackson, Nirvanna, TLC and Muddy Waters? Hmmmm……I don’t know if I would pay to see a show like this. Sure, if it was part of a multi artist line up such as Coachella, I wouldn’t mind. Although, I’m sure the image of Tupac rising out of the bottom of the stage was quite a sight to see. And an eerie one at that. So before everyone starts with more “Tupac’s Still Alive” rumors, he even mentions Coachella in his performance. How is this possible?! Everything is pre programmed to what he will actually say during the show. I will admit, it does seem like Tupac has released much more music after his death than at the height of his popularity. Who has that much time to be in the studio?!?! And just as a side note, Dr. Dre is the one who came up with the idea to use the hologram during the performance. Interesting, especially considering that Dr. Dre was one of the many people Tupac lashed out at on record before his death. Word to the wise Dr. Dre, this may be the perfect time for you to release the Detox CD you’ve been promising for about 10 years now…..

Coachella 2012 wrapped up this weekend, but no one will receive the fanfare that Tupac got during this year’s event. I’m curious to hear what everyone’s thoughts are about it though? Was this too over the top or a great way to pay tribute? And dare I even ask, but is there someone out there that really thinks Tupac is still alive?

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