The Power Of The “F” Word….

I’ve hated. Won. Lost. Been on the receiving and giving end of second chances. Held grudges. Cut people off. Caused myself physical harm. Misunderstood. Loved. Gotten into arguments. Yelled. Made a fool of myself. Sat back and laughed as others have made a fool of themselves trying to get a reaction out of me….all because of the F word….

Yep, I have done all of these things and more because of a simple word we all know….Forgiveness. We all know it’s right to forgive. It’s therapeutic to forgive. It’s beneficial to forgive. But is it ever easy to forgive? In some instances yes, but most times NO. When we’re in the heat of the moment of anger, hurt or pain, forgiveness is the last thing we think about. And sometimes, even if we do forgive quickly, we want to hold on to the anger just a little bit longer so we don’t look weak to the other person…SMH, lol. Sad to say, but it’s true. Think about the last time you got really angry at someone, and then think about how long it took for you to forgive them, or vice versa. Chances are, there was a time gap there that shouldn’t have been.

Last week, I posted a new poem I wrote called “Forgo Forgiveness”. I realized I was holding on to something that happened months ago and the feelings had resurfaced. I wanted to capture that raw emotion we feel when we become upset. This is the time when forgiveness is on the back burner and retaliation is at the forefront. At this point there’s almost no use in talking someone into a forgiving mindset, because they’re probably not thinking straight….and you’ll just end up getting hurt/upset in the process (sometimes it’s best to leave broken glass on the floor…). Who do you need to forgive today? What are you holding on to because you never got that apology you thought you deserved? Has everyone else forgiven you and you’re the only one left to forgive? Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Seek forgiveness, whatever the case may be….even if it’s from yourself. And if you don’t get the forgiveness or apology you desire? It’s not the end of the world….just live in the way you want to be treated. Living in a state of not forgiving primarily hurts you and not who you’re mad at.

Check out my poem, “Forgo Forgiveness”…..

I’m going to forgo forgiving you

It takes too much energy to smile and

Fake and laugh in your face

And take a deep breath…

When I really want to punch you

Like the poster child of

Every blood boiling moment

I’ve ever had rolled into one…fist

Make that two

When I think of you

I’m forgoing forgiving you

My stomach churns just to look at you

And the sweetest medicine  

Is watching you suffer

Oh don’t look at me and point your fingers

Many of you bathe in this same acid

The ph balance of your soul is off kilter

So when you cleanse your self

And make it out unscathed

Then come tell your truth

Until then I’ll forgo forgiving you too

Oblivious to the fact that you’ve moved on

While I’m still stuck here holding

On to jagged, crusty edges of memories

That only pierce my existence

Until I resemble a honey comb

Holy, but not full of praise

You are worthy and I am out of place

Out of touch with reality

And missing the clear picture

Forgiveness ain’t all about the listener

We must not forgo the element

That pertains to the speaker

6 thoughts on “The Power Of The “F” Word….

  1. Again… I love it!! The title, “The Power of the F Word” compells one to read further! Excellent writing… excellent ‘peauxetry’!!!!

  2. the writing is SUPURB!! I love it….it captured everything I have felt or do feel in terms of betrayal, deceit and heartache….all rolled in one. Well done!

  3. You have a very descriptive and creative way of sharing your heart’s thoughts through words. I think it’s easy to forgive or pardon a person, but it’s hard to forget when memories resurface. Occassionally those bad memories can fester over to anger and bitterness. I’ve been hurt and had to forgive people who may or may not have known that they even hurt me. Excellent poem and blog!

  4. Tam, thank you so much! That really means a lot and I appreciate that. I totally agree about the forgetting part. I think that is the hardest but actual forgiveness is not as hard. Right, a lot of times we don’t even know we’ve offended someone and vice versa. Thanks again for checking it out!

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