Bump It or Dump It??? Vocal Wars Behind the Music

It’s Monday so you know what time it is….today I’m giving my reviews on new music from Rock to Gospel and Rap to R&B. But the question is, do these songs have repeated play potential or will they not even make it to the second verse before you hit the stop button? Check out my reviews and listen to see for yourself. Bump It or Dump It???

Brandy is making a return to music again this year.  However, with her recent Behind the Music special and reunion with Monica on the new song, “It All Belongs To Me”, many are calling this more of a comeback than a return.  So does she still have what it takes to deliver music with substance that rules the charts? Time will tell, but the first single from her upcoming Two Eleven CD, “Put It Down” featuring Chris Brown, just may give her the boost she needs. The song is produced by Bangledesh (“A Milli”, “Diva”) and has a catchy rhythm and even features Chris Brown and Brandy’s alter ego “Brand Nu” rapping.  Everything is promising here except for the main element that needs to be…the chorus…Instead of the edgy, grimy effect the song tries to go in, the chorus waters it down to bubblegum pop at some points. But hey, who really listens to words in popular music now anyway? Be on the lookout for Two Eleven to hit stores next month. I have a feeling this song will be growing on me…

Goodie Mob is most known for hits like “They Don’t Dance No Mo” and “Soul Food”.  It’s been 13 years since the release of a Goodie Mob album with all four original members (World Party).  Since then, the group’s resident eccentric soul singer/rapper, Cee-Lo has found success with the short-lived Gnarles Barkley and 3 solo albums. But apparently the group still had an itch to get back together. Perhaps their most crossover sounding song to date, it makes smart business sense that the group debuted the song on NBC’s “The Voice”, where Cee-Lo is one of the judges. But this song is crossover in a good way, without coming across contrived. The only weird part is the song features mostly Cee-Lo, with the other members merely chanting in the background. I think this will gain a lot of new fans for Goodie Mob and perhaps be the biggest song of their career. Hopefully the old fans will be open-minded enough to receive it as well. The song also has great lyrics that actually mean something…what a concept, lol. Look for the song to be featured on their new project, Age Against The Machine.

Maroon 5 has always pushed the envelope, but managed to sugar coat it to the point where it’s barely unrecognizable. From their upcoming album Overexposed, the group has teamed up with rapper Wiz Khalifa to give us the addictive “Payphone”. The song lyrics are a little explicit at some points. But so are some of the group’s other successful hits (“Wake Up Call” and “If I Never See Your Face Again”). The song talks about a fairy tale love story gone wrong and time too far spent.  Just the word payphone sounds like an obsolete word that has been buried to never be spoken again.  A few language beeps aside, Maroon 5 can more than likely count “Payphone” as another notch on their string of hits. Plus Wiz Khalifa will gain more crossover exposure, so it’s a win win situation.

Marvin Sapp seems to be following the old saying, “Strike while the iron is hot”. He’s been releasing CD’s back to back every year and a half for the past few years now (since “Never Would Have Made It). On his new CD, I Win, the opening track, “Teach My Hands To War” is a great song that’s sure to get you hyped up and ready to praise God.  The song is basically saying that you’re going to use your hands as weapons of praise against the enemy. Powerful message and the music is busy, but in a good way. Just be careful because you may forget you’re listening to a gospel song if you just listen to the music. The go go inspired tempo here has a bit of a throwback feel but is still current at the same time. I’m not sure if this song will be released as a single from I Win. But one thing’s for sure, it’s definitely the stand out up-tempo track on the CD.  I’m sure this would be a wonderful song to hear in concert.

4 thoughts on “Bump It or Dump It??? Vocal Wars Behind the Music

  1. Love #MusicMondays…something I will incorporate in my classroom… sooo I think all of these albums will grow on me. However, Brandy is classic(been around for a min.) I believe people sleep on her…girl can sing. I would like to know what’s up with these groups coming back though…is the economy that bad? If so, why not get feedback from fans to see if they should comeback? Ha!

  2. Thanks!! I’m really glad you’re enjoying them….music must run in our blood line, lol. LOL, so the Brandy song was your favorite? That one’s growing on me more and more but you’re right she can sing and a lot of people do sleep on her. I think she’ll do well with the new CD. And in regards to the groups coming back, I’m with you on that about some of these groups though. I’m excited about Goodie Mob’s new CD and even was excited about SWV….But some of these groups should just quit while they’re ahead, LOL!

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