Hidden Costs To Be The Boss

Me at 24 years old.

I first noticed it when I was 25 years old. I didn’t want to do it….after all I was only a quarter of century old. Isn’t this something I should be going through years down the line? But something eventually had to be done. I was dang near headed to be the Hair Club for Men President…or at least the Parliamentarian, LOL. When I started seeing pictures of myself with my head tilted back and I already looked bald, I told myself, “Ok Carlos, you know what you need to do”. After over a year of debating, I decided to go for it. I remember sitting in the barber chair and my barber asking me, “You ready? This is it!” I said, “Yeah, I’m good….Wait!” I sat there for a minute and then just told him to cut my hair off, lol. It was already almost gone anyway. What was the point of holding on?

As I was getting my hair shaved, I started getting excited about how much money I was going to save. Getting my hair cut every 2 weeks was $20 a pop, plus tip. So I was looking at potentially saving $45-$50 a month. Yeah….this shaved head thing won’t be so bad after all. Plus it was so hot outside that Summer, so I was glad to feel any kind of cool breeze on my head. Then the reality set in. After getting tips from multiple friends, family members and my barber, it was time for me to shave my own head….only 3 days later! I thought I was balding…why was my hair growing so fast!? I started thinking I may have gotten in over my head on this one. After a few bloody massacres, I eventually was able to shave my head without getting too many nicks, lol.

But there’s one thing nobody told me….RAZORS ARE EXPENSIVE!!! The razor I use, the Schick Hydro 5, costs $10.94 at Wal Mart for a 4 pack refill. I shave my head and face all at once, so I can only use each razor twice before it gets dull. WTH?! So that means every 8-10 days or so, I’m back in the store buying another refill. So in a month’s time, I’ve gone through almost 3 refills which….only a few dollars cheaper than my regular hair cuts were…SMH. Not to mention trying to grow a beard or sideburns. Unless you have a very steady hand with a straight razor and great clipping skills, you may come out with a lopsided trail of hair across your jawbone. Aaagghhh….so that leaves it up to a professional to do. Which costs about $15. WTH?! Got to be more careful….

My favorite shaving cream, from The Body Shop

Ok, so maybe I didn’t really calculate all the costs associated with going bald, lol. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it and other than the days I have to shave in the morning, I just get up and go. And maybe I didn’t realize all of the tedious effort that goes into shaving, but unless I want to look like a wolf, it has to get done, lol. I know I’m not alone here….you may laugh now but I know  you have a situation where you didn’t quite count up all the costs. True, mine is more visible, lol….but we’ve all been there before. So let’s hear your story….

15 thoughts on “Hidden Costs To Be The Boss

  1. Attempting to go natural with my hair was out for me…. However the cost of time and money quickly out weighed the benefits for me so kudos to you!

    On a side note, you rock the bald head well but that picture of your fresh cut will forever be one of my favorites!

  2. looooooool “I didn’t calculate the costs associated with going bald” … lol aw! Really funny, I can’t say I can relate because I spend so much money on my hair a month that I don’t have a sympathetic bone in my body for guys when it comes to spending £40/£50 a month …lol!

    Good read! x

  3. Good looks run in the family…it may cost some but it’s worth it! Lol…my list would go on and on…however, my most recent journey “natural hair” has co$t me a reasonable amount of money, but nothing compared to the TIME I invest in.

  4. Bald head, a little bit of hair, or a whole lot of curly medium brown locks (from shortly after birth to approxiimately age 5), … it does not matter, YOU ARE THE CUTEST, MOST HANDSOME YOUNG MAN EVER!!! And even cuter, because you don’t even know it!! (And, this is no LOL!) Rock it any way you want to…it’s all good!!!

  5. HILARIOUS!! Loved this blog….you ain’t never lied about the cost of them razors….O-M-G!!!!! LOL

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