I Love/Hate You….The Beast! (Part 2)

Here we go….earlier today you got a chance to read some of the reasons why I love Summer (The Beauty), now check out why I hate it (The Beast!)

1.  It’s HOT!!!

There’s no nice way to say it! Triple digit (and double digits when it gets past 90 degrees) temperatures are never fun and it just makes you more irritable being hot. At least when it’s cold you can cover up in layers…but when it’s hot, you can be butt naked and guess what?? You’re still HOT!! WTH?!

2. Empty Pockets

If we add up the costs, most of us will find that we spend much more money in the Summer. Between high electricity bills to run the AC, washing more clothes and buying more cold drinks, it’s not a cheap season. Summer can not only put sweat on your face, but a nice dent in your wallet too.

3. Mosquitos

BBQ? Check. Pool Party? Check. Fireworks? Check. Mosquitos? Aaaggghh!! I hate mosquitos with a passion and they always seem to weasel their way in during the Summer months. You hardly ever see mosquitos in the Winter…and why??? Because it’s so cold, their wings will probably freeze before they get full lift off from the ground…SMH. Interestingly enough,  I’ve noticed when I take vitamin B, it seems to ward them off a little bit.

4. What’s That Smell???

As much as we would like to think that everyone has excellent hygiene, we know that’s not the truth. And hey, even those that do have great hygiene can be a little “unsure” from standing outside in the heat too long. The bad thing about Summer is that it’s a microwave for unpleasant smells. The cold usually zaps any body odors and keeps them contained to that person walking around with them.  Think about it…have you ever gone to a hot hospital? Nope. Why??? The smell itself would probably be sickening enough.

5. Metal Burn 

Have you ever gotten in your car in the heat of the day and the metal part of the seat belt hits your arm!? OUCH! I hate that…and it seems like it happens to me all the time, lol. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to maneuver your way into a hot car that’s been sitting in the sun for hours. The steering wheel, seat belt and the arm rest are blazing and you try not to brush against them, but somehow you always do.

So now that you’ve read what I love and hate about Summer, let’s hear what you think about it? Do you agree with the list or have one of your own? Or maybe you love Summer and hate Winter? Or do you just prefer Spring or Fall? Share your thoughts!

12 thoughts on “I Love/Hate You….The Beast! (Part 2)

  1. Just another display of excellence!! I too hate summer, but love fall and winter….real fall and winter, not just an ocassional breeze or a temporary chill-down! But, the truth is I sincerely do not want frost-biting cold, just crisp, somewhat breezy cool to cold! I guess I need to move to a new place, huh? Houston is not the place for my desired weather type to reign supreme! I love the entire blog!!

  2. Carlos!!!!! I am so loving this.. You hit it when u said I can get naked an still be hot.. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that.. I have to say I do enjoy winter but fall is my season of choice…

  3. Lol, I like this blog. I’m a winter baby all the way! Born in January and absolutely love to feel cold enough to warm myself. Here in VA, the weather is tricky our falls and winters could be extremely cold or occassionally warm, like this year we barely had a winter. I love the east coast for this reason though because you get a little bit of both, plus a dusting of snow.

    The only thing I like about summer is “cool nights” at the beach and sweet watermelon; out here, that’s when “we” come out anyways, at night. Lol

    • Thanks Tamara! I’m a winter baby too…born in February! That’s funny you say VA didn’t have a winter. Texas didn’t really have one either. Yes, I agree though…cool nights in the summer are nice…lol, yes it’s too hot to come out during the day!

  4. I agree with the list! Smh! Heat in Texas is the blame for me being and indoor person. Only for so long can I stay outdoors. I pray for wind and cool breezes. I prefer rain over triple digit temperatures! Lol! I’m already hot natured…so Summer and I do not get along.

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