I Love/Hate You….The Beauty (Part 1)

You’re beautiful. The way you shine so brightly and flaunt your radiance for all to see. Yep, you are extremely breathtaking….literally. More than an eye could ever behold or any space with 4 walls could ever contain. Captivating to the nth degree…that’s what you are….

But you know….after a while, your beauty begins to be sickening. You are stuck to me like white on rice. My neck is itching and my arms are burning! Will you please get off of me???….literally. These beads are rolling down my back. But like all things striking and annoying, this season too shall pass….

SUMMER! Yep, it’s almost here and if you currently live in Texas or have ever passed through it, you know how hot it gets here in the Summer time. Winter is my favorite season. I don’t totally dislike Summer, because it has its perks too, but not without pain. So I decided to put together a list of the 5 reasons I love Summer…and the 5 reasons I hate it:

Summer….Why I Love You (The Beauty)

1. Swimming

Who doesn’t love to get in the pool on a hot day, even if it is just an excuse to show the progress of your workouts? I love water and watching anything on TV about fish, oceans and properties of water, so Summer is the best time for this. You get to go to water parks, have water balloon fights and get one of the best cardio workouts known to man….without ever feeling like you lifted a finger.

2. Ice Cream

Pecan Pralines N Cream…that’s my favorite.  Ice cream and gumbo are two things I can eat all year round. I know what you’re thinking…and I don’t eat them right after each other, lol.  But ice cream, frozen yogurt and slush drinks all seem to taste a little bit sweeter when it’s hot outside. It’s not Summer until you have some ice cream to go along with it.

3. Bringing Sexy Back


Let’s face it…one of the main reasons we all love summer is because we get to show off our bodies…and see others show off theirs. People break their necks on treadmills, trying to burn calories and stick to those resolutions more in those months leading up to Summer. It’s the only time you can show too much skin and actually get away with it.

4. Action Movies

Most of your action packed, multi million dollar budget movies will be released in the Summer, or close to it. There are usually so many great movies out at the same time, it’s hard to pick one. This season, we’ll have “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Men In Black III”, “The Amazing Spider Man” and “Total Recall” to look forward to. And if you haven’t seen “The Avengers” yet, what are you waiting for!? The upcoming Summer blockbusters will have to come hard to compete with this one.

5. Longer Days

There’s still 24 hours in a day, but it just feels like you get more done in the Summer. Why? Probably because it gets dark later and you have more daylight. Getting off work at 6:30pm and then having 2 more hours of daylight makes you feel a little more accomplished. It beats searching the parking lot for your car in the dark during winter time….and still having to go to the grocery store after you find it.

Stay tuned….later today I’ll be giving you the 5 reasons why I hate Summer….The Beast!

8 thoughts on “I Love/Hate You….The Beauty (Part 1)

  1. Searching for the car in the dark and still having to go to the store really hits home… that’s funny!

  2. Side note, that chili picture is the bomb. She is the best looking 40 year old I have ever seen!

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