Outkast: Everlasting? Not At All?

On OutKast’s 2003 massive hit, “The Way You Move”, Big Boi opens the song with a bold statement that silences any naysayers of the duo. “OutKast is everlasting/not clashing/not at all….that’s for anyone asking”. It was a great time in their career and what some have dubbed to be their pinnacle. That same year, OutKast released their highly anticipated double CD, “The Love Below/Speakerboxxx”. It was a leap of faith and something that hadn’t really been done before in rap music….but they pulled it off…extremely well. The CD went on to produce multiple hit singles and eventually sell over 11 million copies in the US alone. OutKast was quickly becoming one of America’s most sought after musical acts, not just local ATLiens.

There have been several reports and even statements made by either Big Boi or Andre 3000 themselves as to why OutKast hasn’t made a full studio CD in almost 10 years. The soundtrack to their movie Idlewild doesn’t really count, although I’m still listening to it now.  The movie and soundtrack to Idlewild were both great, but we need a new OutKast CD!! There have been numerous guest appearances in movies (ATL, Be Cool), commercials (Andre 3000’s Gillette razor commercial), solo CDs (Big Boi’s Sir Luscious Left Foot… is still in heavy rotation on my iPod) and guest appearances (Andre 3000 had the best verse hands down on Drake’s “The Real Her”…and any feature he’s on)….but no OutKast collectively.

So do you think the group still has what it takes to make a comeback? I personally think they do and we need them to make a new album….RIGHT NOW! LOL. Some may disagree, but there is no Hip Hop or Rap group (and not many groups period)  that is as innovative and creative as OutKast has been. Make sure you cast your vote on today’s poll!! 

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