Finger Licking Good

Imagine going to your favorite fast food restaurant. You can’t wait to get there after work, school or football practice and enjoy your favorite combo. The number 1 with cheese, large fries and a large soda. You come there so much, they know you by name and you know how much you’re going to pay….down to the cent. The cashier says, “See you tomorrow!” And you know they’re exactly right because you’ll be there at the same time tomorrow evening. You get your food, sink your teeth into your burger and…, wait. Hmmm….something rubbery and fleshy here….A FINGER! That’s right….you told them to hold the tomatoes and mayo, and they gave you a finger instead. WTH?!!! This has got to be a joke, but it looks and tastes all too real to be a prank.

On May 11, 2012, this was exactly the case for Michigan teen Ryan Hart.  He bit down into his Arby’s roast beef sandwich and to hs surprise, found a finger in it. Well it technically wasn’t a whole finger. It was approximately one inch long and a quarter-inch thick. But who cares about the size??? The real question here is why was there any part of a human finger in his sandwich!? Again…WTH?!?! Apparently, one of the workers cut her finger on a meat slicer and fled her work area without the other employees noticing. Ok, cuts happen…and Neosporin heals cuts faster. But why in the world didn’t any of the other employees notice this??? Come on now, Arby’s I know you’re  making a come back, but nobody is (or should be) that busy where you don’t see a coworker with a bloody finger (or at least traces of the evidence)! SMH…

Thankfully, Ryan has had his blood tested and everything came back fine. But that could have turned out much worse than it did. To add an even more interesting twist, his mother, Jamie Vail,  is unsure on whether or not she’ll sue Arby’s. Unsure????? Jamie, did you not put on deodorant that day? What do you mean unsure???? Maybe she’s trying to practice turning the other cheek (or finger), but I doubt I could be that strong if that happened to my son. Hopefully she’s going to take action on this though, and she’s just saying she’s “unsure” because that’s what her lawyer told her to say.

Is it just me, or does this make you leery of any fast food places now??? accidents like this can happen, but I’d just feel much more comfortable cutting my own finger and then trying to prepare my own food afterwards…at home. But when you really think about it, isn’t that the case with most restaurants? We give them our money in exchange for food that we trust at least meets minimal health standards. And get this, that same Arby’s in Michigan is still in business! I would assume an event like that would shut anybody’s restaurant down, but no…Arby’s is still standing tall and promoting their “Delicious” roast beef sandwich.

So what do you think about this case? Should the employee who cut her finger be punished? Should the mother decide not to sue Arby’s? What would you do here and how much faith do you have in fast food service….or any restaurant for that matter? Bon appetit!

9 thoughts on “Finger Licking Good

  1. OMG! This story is crazy but I heard of such things happening before. I think the employee who cut her finger should be punish…why she didn’t tell someone? I don’t think the punishment should be severe like being fired but something need to be done because maybe this situation could have been prevented if she would have notify management. Umm…as for the mom I can understand if the mom decide not to sue because her son is okay but personally I think mom should sue. If her sons blood test came back differently then she would be all over Arby’s. I love trying new restaurants but I know things happen. I am more understanding since I worked in the service industry but a body part in my food is another level that I wouldnt be able to understand. I just hope for the best when I go out to eat. I’m not a big fan of fast food.. I go but I don’t hold them to the same standard as restaurants so I think I could see something crazy like this happening there before a restaurant…so I hope.

    • I agree that this probably would happen more so at fast food restaurants. And yes, why didn’t the employee say something??? I guess she thought no one would notice. Right, LOL! If her son was sick, she wouldn’t think twice about a lawsuit!

  2. The employee should be reprimanded, but not fired…the restaurant should have to pay for the customer’s mental anguish, with more than a “free meal on your next visit” type compensation, the kind that is usually extended for ‘mishaps’. Of course, this is far more than a mishap, therefore far more compensation, in the form of money, should be extended to this customer!

    I love the wit and sattire in this post! Excellent writing / reporting!

  3. I’ll be the odd one out here… the employee should be ( and most likely already was) fired. I am sure there is a policy somewhere that she broke and sorry buddy, but you are going to have to move around, I hear taco bell down the road is hiring, no telling what all you can hide in their taco meat (gross…).

    And on the mom, here’s my theory… its a small town right. Well maybe the mom/family knows the owner of that Arby’s franchise location and doesn’t want to bring the local owner down. The big corporation wouldn’t be the one being sued it would be the local owner who probably coaches the boys soccer team.

    There’s my 10 cents worth 🙂

    • Wow..I must say that is a very interesting view of the situation and one I had not thought of. But that’s so true. If the mom personally knows the manager or employee, then she would be slower to react with a lawsuit. I see you cut the employee no slack (no pun intended), LOL! Thanks for chekcing out the post!

  4. Ok, I was really reminiscing about my last meal from KFC (which was only a few short hours ago)…until I got to the true point of the post. Now, I have a very unattractive smerk stuck on my face.I have never worked any of the fast-food chains, but as a former seasoned restaurant manager, I unfortunately, believe the only proper reprimand for such an error would be to release the employee.Though, most restaurants country wide require food handlers to take and pass some sort of Serve Safe Certification class, certain things are simple “no-brainers”. An employee that would put a company in a life threatening situation like that…is too huge a liability for a company keep employed. If that person would have been infected with Hep C or any other contagious bacteria or virus; the boy who actually bit into the finger would not have been their only concern. Everyone who was served from the contaminated container/bach would have been at risk. And all of them would have had the right to sue for medical testing and mental anguish.

    • Now I want some KFC…LOL. I definitely agree that this would put any company in a huge liability situation. You bring up a very good point too….even though Ryan was the one who got a finger in his sandwich, there could have been others severely affected if she had soem klnd of contagious bacteria as you mentioned. Thanks for checking out the post!

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