Music Monday: Top 5 Music Videos Of All Time

The evolution of music videos have really made an impact over the years. There’s nothing like watching a music video to a song you already like. Or if the video is extremely good, it will make you like the song even better. Today, at Peauxetic Expressions, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite music videos with you. All of these videos push the envelope of creativity, innovation, and trendsetting. There are so many videos that I love, but these are just a few that I can watch again and again. Hopefully these videos will make you reminisce on great times for this Memorial Day holiday. Feel free to submit your own list too!

Ok, so here’s my list of the 5 best music videos ever….in no particular order.

1. TLC: Waterfalls

“Waterfalls” is the song that really catapulted TLC’s career to superstar status. The song itself is already addictive, but the video makes you dive in even more.  TLC proved that they were more than just Crazy, Sexy and Cool. With complete story lines to accompany the songs verses, miraculously doing weird dancing on top of water, and transforming into see through blob figures, “Waterfalls” still packs the same punch now as it did in 1995. Who knew walking on water in midriff tops and baggy dresses could look so hot.

2. Missy Elliott: Sock It To Me

It’s safe to say that Missy Elliott is probably one of the best artists when it comes to music videos. Her visuals are always over the top and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a music clip from her that I didn’t enjoy. But the one that sticks out in my head the most is from her first CD, Supa Dupa Fly. The concept of “Sock It To Me” (which also features Da Brat and an appearance by Lil Kim) is set in a futuristic video game fantasy world where Missy, Da Brat and Lil Kim fight off their enemies on floating motorcycles, dodging fireballs the whole way through. This video seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the song….but who really cares when it looks this cool???

3. Michael Jackson: Remember The Time

Most people would probably say that “Thriller” is their favorite Michael Jackson video and it’s one of my favorites too. But the one that really stands out to me is “Remember the Time”. The video was released in 1992, from the hugely successful Dangerous CD. Everybody from Eddie Murphy to Magic Johnson was featured in the video too. The slick and polished looking pharaoh themed ambiance, complete with a vanishing whirlwind of sand spin from Michael Jackson, makes this video just as captivating today as it was during its original release. At almost 10 minutes long, this video is worth watching every second.

4. Busta Rhymes Featuring Janet Jackson: What’s It Gonna Be? 

Busta Rhymes always finds a way to deliver outlandish and quirky videos to accompany his high energy songs. And “What’s It Gonna Be?” is no exception. However, on this clip, his approach is more sleek and shiny than bold and gritty. Complete with rain drops in the shape of falling Busta Rhymes figures that land on Janet Jackson, this video is amazing. Not to mention the painted on leather suit Janet Jackson wears in the video. We also see Busta Rhymes change from human to metal armor clad water figure. One of the best Hip Hop videos ever made….hands down.

5. Korn: Freak On A Leash

I’m not a huge fan of Korn, but I must say, their “Freak On A Leash” video is one of the best ever made. The symbolism of the flying bullet and the slow motion shots was ahead of its time when the video was released in 1998. The song, which was lifted from their Follow The Leader CD, proves the group was leading the pack outstanding music videos. I love the mix of animation, slow motion and live performances here. They just don’t make music videos like this anymore. And it’s also good to see Korn is still together. See if you can spot the dinosaur cell phone featured in the video, lol. How times have changed….

9 thoughts on “Music Monday: Top 5 Music Videos Of All Time

  1. I definitely like 1-4, but not too sure about 5. I watched a little of it and it’s different. Korn is not my genre, so it’s hard for to pay attention with all that rock music. But the 1st 4 I love. Loved Waterfalls!

  2. WOW! I have never seen # 2, # 4 or # 5, but, since you chose them, I had to find out why! Therefore, I watched them all; most for the first time. I can definitely see why you have chosen these videos! If one can the get past some of the “music” (noise) and strictly absorb the contents of the videos, aligned with the lyrics, they are fascinating in their design, layout and appeal to the imagination! It is truly amazing as to how you are able to appreciate the content, irregardless of the musicians and/or musical type! What a collection of choice favorites! And, what an awesome brain it takes to be able to peek inside the window and see more than the space…!!! You see the intricate detail; something that would be overlooked by most, but honored by Mr. “Blurred Vision” (no blurred vision here…this definitely shows 20/20 eyesight and insight)!! Great blog, “Vision Master”!!

    • Thanks for the great compliment of “Vision Master” 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the videos…despite the musical content, lol. Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for checking it out!!

  3. Thank for this one, played most of the videos in the background today to keep me awake..happy Tuesday!

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