Keep That %$^# In The House

Just yesterday, I was in the gym minding my own business and stretching before my workout. As I lifted my head up from stretching…that’s when I saw it. It was one of the most shocking things I had ever seen….one of the ladies that works out at my gym in the morning speaks to me and says, “Hey Carlos!” You’re probably thinking, “What’s wrong with saying good morning?” Nothing at all…..but not with a head full of fluorescent pink, green and orange rollers! And this wasn’t a normal good morning…this was an I just had my coffee, climbed to the mountain top, and I’m oblivious to the disaster on top of my head kind of good morning. WTH?! I just don’t get it. Ladies, I know you work hard to stay glamorous (some more than others), but please leave something to the imagination. Especially when the removal of the imagination is not pleasing to the common eye. Going to the grocery store with bright rollers? Cool. Going to the mailbox with bright rollers? Acceptable. But going to the gym with them on? SMH….The line has to be drawn somewhere.

But that’s just one of the many recent sightings I’ve witnessed from people who should keep certain things in the house… and not in the street. And speaking of the streets, I spotted a puzzling sight in my apartment complex a couple of weeks ago. I was just unloading groceries out of my car when I see one of my neighbors walk past me with a black and red jacket on. The first warning sign was “Why do you have a jacket on in 80 degree weather?” But to make matters worse, there was some weird picture on the back of the jacket. As we crossed paths, I turned to look at the back of the jacket. To my surprise, smack dab in the middle of the jacket, were the numbers “666” surrounded by horns (insert blank stare). Hmmmmm….now that is a real WTH?! moment. Forget keeping it in the house. How about we just trash that one altogether???

Then there are the babies….yes, they are adorable and cute. But, one of my pet peeves is loud kids in a movie theater. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids of my own yet, but I get really irritated when I pay $10.95 for a movie ticket and have to sit through a wailing soundtrack behind my head during 70% of the movie. WTH?! Not saying people shouldn’t bring their kids to the movies. Hey, babies deserve to see action packed movies too….but please keep them quiet, lol. And isn’t this the line you always hear from the parent: “I don’t know what’s wrong…they usually don’t act like this”. Right (SMH in disbelief)……you may just have to skip the opening weekend of the summer block buster and just make it a Blockbuster night. I’m just saying….

So what are your “keep that %$^& in the house” moments? What are those things you see, hear or feel that make your skin crawl? I’ve shared a few of mine and would love to hear yours. Feel free to leave your comments…..

16 thoughts on “Keep That %$^# In The House

  1. LOL! I totally get this… my pet peeve are women wearing their pajamas pants out, WTH thats about. I dont understand that and don’t think I will. Does it hurt or take any real amount of time for you to put on some real pants? That is soo not cute! LOL

  2. My pet peeve is women old enough to know better wearing pants too small, muffin top over the waistband, too tight tank top on, every imperfection accentuated and thinking they look cute. When will they learn that tight clothes on not so fit bodies makes you look bigger than you are, not sexy. SMH
    Then there are those 30 somethings men wearing pants hanging off their behinds, this look doesn’t work on kids, what makes them think it’s attractive on them?

  3. I hate to see a couple get carried away in public. PASSIONATE make out session, tongues down throats. Take that back home.

  4. Lol, I agree with your pet peeves and I also have a few. One is when I see parents allow their babies to walk behind them in public places. WITW! (What in the world?!) You are not at home. Someone could easily snatch your baby up because you truly do not have eyes behind your head.

    And for the parents that do hold their child’s hand; if your child is just learning to walk please don’t speed walk, your babies are going as fast as they can. You will wear that poor child’s legs out, I’m guessing that’s their intentions for sleeping purposes.

    Finally, when driving I absolutely hate when I want to get over and the car next to me is creeping slowly in their lane. Then the moment I put my signal on to get over, they speed up so that I won’t get in front of them. WITW?! Now that I know the trick, I purposely put my signals on to make cars move faster for me so that I can get over.

    • I agree with you on the car thing, I too have learned to put my blinker on so drivers speed up. I discovered another pet peeve today after seeing someone post their picture posing sexy and their their little girl, about 7 or 8 was posed the same. Our kids are growing up too fast already and this kind of posturing is not what we should be teaching our little girls.

    • Yes, I hate to see kids walking behind them in public too. There are way too many things that can happen nowadays. Definitely not a smart thing for a parent to do. And I could not agree more with your driving pet peeve!!! That really burns me up!

  5. I had to leave a comment. Not because I can think of KTSITHM, since I’m usually the one in the house, but because of the kids in the movie theater comment. NO! It’s not because you don’t have kids, lol. It sux even then. I agree with the blockbuster at home nights. Or at least take the little one to a kid’s movie.

    Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  6. There must be a dissenting vote on the haircurler thing…and here it is: the curlers are left in on purpose, in order to ensure that once exercising is complete, you still have a hair style (although, this is true only if one allows their scalp to completely air dry before removing the curlers)! But, for somoeone that is both of the male species and has no hair, I can see how this would not be a consideration!! Nonetheless, the laugh was great!!

    With regard to the kids at the movies…I am in total agreement!! If they cannot sit quietly for approximately 2 hours, leave the rugrats with a baby sitter or rent a home movie!

    • Thanks for offering this different perspective! I must admit, I did not think of the gym being an appropriate place to wear hair curlers, but I will say that it makes sense after you’ve broken it down. I’m interested to see now how her hair looks post workout, when the rollers are out!

      Yes, in reference to the “rugrats” (lol, I used to love that show when I was little), it’s just not fair to the other patrons who have paid to see the movie!

      Thanks for checking out the post!

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