I Can’t Please You

Get a nose job. Butt implants. Breast implants. Lose some weight. You’re too skinny. You need some more muscles. You’re too serious. Cut your hair. Why are you so sarcastic?

These are all things we may hear from people, including our friends and family, on how we should be. Whether it’s our physical appearance or an attitude adjustment, someone will always try to change you. And once you please that person, their tastes will change. If you do manage to please one person, the next person will hate your changes. Then you’re back at square one. Aaagggghhh!!! What do you do? YOU DON’T CHANGE! Huh? I know….it may seem like it doesn’t make sense, but you really should not change. From the day you’re born until the day you die, people will always try to change something about you.

The kicker is, who are you changing for? Is it for you or just to please someone else in the heat of the moment? Someone else whose preferences and thoughts of you may eventually transform. I have found through personal experience and from talking to close friends and family that often times people are just unhappy with themselves. When you are displeased with yourself, you will never fully be able to please someone else….and they will never fully be able to please you. It’s basically like the old saying, “Misery loves company”. Everyone doesn’t realize they are incapable of pleasing themselves or others, but there is a natural human instinct to gravitate towards like forces. In other words, because I’m not happy with myself (whether consciously or subconsciously), my job is to make you feel like I do. Will you be the one to fall prey to this dangerous game??? Hopefully not. If you just have to change something about yourself, make sure it’s a change you want or need to make….not just because someone told you to do it.

I believe that by nature women change for the wrong reasons quicker than men do. Men are stubborn by nature and usually can’t be budged unless they feel like it. Let’s take breast implants for instance. Many women, celebrities and the average woman included, will go through with getting bigger breasts because they think it will get attention. Those bigger breasts may get you in the bed with the guy quicker, but probably not much further than that. Just a thought. Augmentation of the body without augmentation of the mind is useless. But it goes deeper than relationships and men have their faults too. We all change because we want to fit into certain social classes, get attention from people who can nothing for us, and because our family/environment told us that we should. But is it worth it after it’s all said and done?

Is there anything in life that you want to change about yourself? If so, what is the motive behind it? Are you striving to please someone else, while sacrificing yourself? Maybe you’re that person that believes everything happens for a reason and should be left the way it is. Whatever the case, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments!

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Please You

  1. Earlier this week I declared I was free from O.P.P! (other peoples opinion) Living in a world where pressure is put on being a certain way or doing a certain thing,will cause people to try and live up to those things. Them World will forever change, but it’s not what your should live your life by. You have them power to choose and to be. It is always best to do what youuuuu love, be who you are and live free from OPO!

    • I love the OPP analogy…you’re going to make me pull out the throwbacks on my iPod, lol. You are so right…the world will always change but what is it that we love? Thanks for the great insight and checking out the post!

  2. The genius has struck again, with this line; “Augmentation of the body without augmentation of the mind is useless.”!! Amen! Work it well! You go, Carlos!, etc…

    People have often told me to change my directness in relating my concerns, opinions, views, etc! As I grow older, I often think they may be right, but, somehow, I still feel the overwhelming need to be direct; at times, with a little sugar on top, other times, just straight up bland!! This usually comes after I have swallowed all of the ignorance, blindness and prejudices that I can stomach… immediately afterwhich there is an insatiable need to regurgitate!! I am still a ‘work-in-progress’!

    • Thank you so much!!! So glad you enjoyed that line and thanks for the awesome compliment! Yes, I would have to agree with you…sometimes you have to give people the bland version without the sugar!! I say if it works for you, don’t change it!

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