Bump It Or Dump It? Xplosive, Xplicit, & unXpected

If you read my last Bump It Or Dump It? review (Vocal Wars Behind The Music), you’ll remember that there was a wide range of artists and genres including Maroon 5, Brandy, Marvin Sapp and Goodie Mob. Well, it’s that time again and today I have another mix of artists who will be just as interesting…if not more. Check out my thoughts on each of these songs below…and feel free to leave your own.

Brian McKnight: iFUrReadyToLearn

We all know Brian McKnight for such smooth groove R & B hits like “Anytime”, “Back at One”, “Crazy Love” and “One Last Cry”.  He’s the clean-cut, contemporary artist that pushes the envelope at times (check out the 2006 song “Addicted” with rapper Juvenile that he’s featured on).  But he has finally turned the tables on us. Yep…all of em….the class room table, the dinner table and the operating table. In his new song “iFUrReadyToLearn”, he sings lyrics that would even make Nicki Minaj blush. What makes this so much more interesting is he’s singing the song as if it’s a real ballad. Really Brian McKnight???  The track is supposedly being used for an adult website. Good for him if he’s making money off of it, but is there a difference between pushing the envelope and ripping it open? I personally think he’s way out of his lane on this one. I understand being diverse and creative, but I don’t think any of his fans look to him for this kind of music. I’m just saying…I won’t post the full video here (due to extreme explicit content), but if you want to hear a preview of the song, check out the video above. ***Update: I just heard this morning that Brian McKnight has now released a new song that will put “iFUrReadyToLearn” to shame. SMH….*** What is really going on?

Estelle: Thank You

I’m not a huge follower or fan of Estelle, although I think she has a beautiful voice. Most people may know her for her hit song “American Boy”, but “Thank You” is a more mature, intentional and painful offering than we’ve seen from her on any other single. I instantly liked this song as soon as I heard it. I actually thought it was Sade though until about the middle of the song. There’s also a hint of Mary J Blige here. But the gist here isn’t who she sounds like, but how many more listeners she’s sure to gain with “Thank You” and her new CD All Of Me. I’m interested to see what direction her CD will go in (more ballads like “Thank You” or uptempo songs)I’ve been sleeping on Estelle, but I’m awake now. I see her possibly winning a Grammy for this one. Check out the song for yourself and see what you think about it.

Jason Aldean Featuring Ludacris: Dirt Road Anthem

What’s better than smoke blowing out the window and an ice cold beer in the console? According to Country singer Jason Aldean, there’s nothing better. I know what you’re thinking…”How the heck did this collaboration happen?” I thought the same thing. But, this song is actually really good and has surprisingly been out for over a year. I just recently heard it from a friend. Not only does Ludacris rap on the track, but so does Jason. And dare we say it…he’s actually got some skills!! This is a cool, laid back song that has a true country vibe to it. However it has a high energy that’s fun and enjoyable (complete with a jamming guitar solo towards the end). If you haven’t heard this song, check it out! You’ll be glad that you did. This just goes to show that with talent and creativity, great music can cross barriers and genres we didn’t think were possible.

Nas: Daughters

In case you didn’t know, rapper Nas is making a return to music with his 10th studio album, Life Is Good, in July of this year. The first single to be lifted from the project is “Daughters”, a transparent and honest look into how he feels to raise a daughter and the dangers, insecurities and prideful moments that come along with it. Nas has always been a conscious artist who shows he’s a deep thinker through his music. “Daughters” is no different, but in a sense it is. I was skeptical on if I would really enjoy the song, because….well, I don’t have kids, lol. But, I was pleasantly surprised and the video ties in the song well. I’ve always been a fan of Nas, and it’s good to see him making music again (especially after his highly publicized divorce with singer Kelis). Great to know that “life is good” for him and I’m eager to hear the new CD.

6 thoughts on “Bump It Or Dump It? Xplosive, Xplicit, & unXpected

  1. Let’s give it up to Brian McKnight for broaching the subject, in such a candid but smooth way…smooth, as Brian McKnight always is…WOW!!

    I would go to his next concert just to see him perform this song, and to watch the reaction of the audience! It should be interesting (…if he is actually allowed to do this one in public…but, in keeping with many things that are now presented in live concerts, he can probably get away with it)!!

    Interesting blog…tastefully presented by you, Carlos!!!

    • I must admit, I am surprised you approved of this song, lol! But you are right, these days anything goes in concerts…and the world for that matter. Thanks for leaving a comment and checking out today’s post!

  2. Ok I guess the “Got It Goin’ On Mommas” are going to have to kick this off (LOL). I must say when you were setting me up with the background story, I had a curious wrinkle across my brow for two reasons. First I had recently had a discussion with someone about a similar gap/niche in the music market for more explicit but tasteful erotic music for the married demographic group. As you state, many artist like the Brians and the R Kellys deal with the having sex and making love, but it’s with anybody that catches your fancy. That being said, now after hearing what he did with the song…huummm. I will say this; one, I like the track very much. He is true to his expected smooth self. But I have always disliked the “P” word. Even when it’s sang with the melodic old school pipes of his, I cringe when he says it. Dare I suggest any of the other colorful adjectives used to describe the featured anatomy part that are slightly less cringe producing…No (lol). Is this a market that Brian could transition into successfully? Yes. Make some space R-ra Kelly, Brian wants to come sit in your house, length of stay…Unknown!

  3. LOL, I definitely agree that the track is very nice and the melody of the song is very catchy. I see your point too about the tasteful erotic music for the married demographic…which I’ll admit he pulled off for the most part…all except the “P” word, lol. I think my whole shock about it is just based on him not being the kind of artist that would traditionally sing this. It’s almost like he’s trying to be controversial on purpose…whereas some artists just are by nature. True, worse has been said and R Kelly definitely has made similar songs. I just think with him, he’s been that way since day 1 so it’s easier to accept. But like you said, he may have some competition now!

  4. Thanks for sharing these videos. I totally agree about Brian McKnight…ugh NO BM! Estelle…that is an awesome song. I am not a big fan of hers but I may have to download her album when it’s available. I just absolutely love Ludacris!! Love him on that country mix. NAS!! I love that he is back too! Can’t wait for the album.

  5. You’re welcome. Thank you for checking out the post! Yeah I guess I shouldn’t be by now, but I’m just still shocked about that. I haven’t even heard the new one he just made yet. Right, I’m not a big Estelle fan either, but I love “Thank You”. Anything Luda is on is usually jamming…can’t wait for his new CD, Ludaversal (supposed to be out this year). I’m looking forwards to the new Nas CD too…have you seen the CD cover? Supposedly that’s Kelis’ wedding dress in his lap, lol.

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