Put You To Bed

Ok, so I’m going to jump straight into it. Sheets on, pillows stacked, and extra blankets piled on top. These are my 5 things I would love to put to bed….check it out.

Words on Shirts

No, I’m not talking about catch phrases or slogans like Dr. Pepper’s “I’m a Pepper” T-Shirt (although those should be worn with discretion too). I’m talking about the one word shirts women wear that say “Sexy”, “Hot”, “Cute”, etc….whatever happened to a little mystery? Let others be the judge if you’re cute or not. How about that? And truth be told, many women wearing these shirts don’t match the adjectives they’re promoting…I’m just saying, if you have to wear it (but please don’t), at least match what the shirts says.  True, these shirts were kinda cool when they first hit the market, but now they’re way past due to be put to bed.

Duck Tails/Mullet Hair Cuts

I’m not ashamed to say that I used to have a duck tail. But that was about 20 years ago….and it was in style back then. But lately, I have randomly come across several people who are still wearing them. WTH?! Who actually sits down in the barber chair and requests this now? I don’t get it. Duck tails may have been popular in the early 90s, but who really wears them now? And speaking of duck tails, let’s go ahead and put the “Mullet” hairstyle to bed too while we’re at it. I don’t see how that hairstyle was ever popular. Who ever thought short hair in the front and long hair in the back was hot? At least not with a mullet…again, WTH?

Dramatic Reality TV 

When the concept of reality TV first began, there was a plethora of different kinds of shows to choose from. But now, it seems like everyone has a reality show and they don’t need any credentials to get one. From Flavor of Love, to the “Housewives” series, to Basketball Wives….WTH?! It’s just too much. There’s nothing wrong with a little drama to boost ratings…hey, everybody does it. But at some point, you can tell when a show is scripted. I’ve glanced at some of these shows from time to time, but I just can’t make myself be a frequent viewer of them. A real reality show would be to follow people who will go off at the drop of a hat and don’t know there are cameras filming their every move. Somebody call me when reality TV makes a show like that. Does anyone not have the mental capacity to come up with a good script for a sitcom anymore?

Meetings About Meetings

This is a major pet peeve of mine. Of course, meetings are a necessity to run any successful business, organization or corporation. But when do meetings contradict their intent? First off, no meeting should ever last longer than 2 hours. Except in rare cases, what takes over 2 hours to discuss if you’re having a productive meeting? Key word….productive. This one really doesn’t need a long explanation. Too many meetings about the same thing equals no result. And have you ever noticed how many times people will conduct a meeting without an agenda? Never understood that…

Those Who Can’t….Teach

We’ve all seen this before….and frankly, it really ticks me off. How in the world can you teach something you can’t even do (or  don’t even have the basic concept of it). This one came to mind when talking to a friend about the show Dance Moms (I know, another reality show…SMH). If you haven’t heard of the show, the main instructor teaches these young girls how to dance….and she’s so hard-core she upsets many of the mothers. But just watch the show to see what I mean….bet she can’t do any of the moves she teaches…I’m just saying. But this goes for anything….coaches, managers, committee chairs, you name it. How can you teach it when you don’t know how to do it yourself???

***My Guilty Pleasure (Overalls)***

This one has already been put to bed (and in a deep sleep), but wouldn’t it be cool if overalls made a comeback? Ok, don’t all laugh at once, but I’m so serious. If overalls came back, and were made to be more fashionable now, I would buy some. They are so comfortable and great to put on when you’re just want to be lazy. Remember when it was cool to have one or both of the straps unhooked too?

What are some things/people/places you want to put to bed? And what’s your guilty pleasure that you wish would wake up and come back?

5 thoughts on “Put You To Bed

  1. BWhaaaa! Awesomeness! All of this should be put to bed! Im still a fan of reality shows… just because I have an unhealthy need for brainless garbage on TV every now and again. I think the women and the puckered up duck face lips need to be put to bed FOREVER in all photos in life. if i see one more instagram, facebook, or twitter avi with some chick thinking they look “sessy” with their duckface look, I’m going to holla! But the overalls.. you can still rock those if you want… as long as it’s at your house… and you’re plowing the back 40 or milking the cows. LMAO!

  2. LMAO!! Not “sessy” and duck face lips. You’re right though…that’s about the size of it. And I feel you. I watch the reality shows too sometimes, so it’s nothing wrong with that. So no overalls in public? Only in the back yard? LOL…thanks for checking out the post!

  3. I really loved this blog post!!! I agree totally with the overall part! I loved wearing a cropped shirt back in my more “body rockin'” days with a pair of unbuttoned overalls, heehee! 😀

    I agree totally with all the other posts too! Loved the part about “if you can’t do it, how can you teach it.”. Have wondered the same thing for years….

    As for the long, drawn out meetings, I’ll let ole Al touch on that one. 😉

    “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    What 6 year old is going to pay attention for two hours +??? 🙂

  4. You may wear those overalls wherever and whenever you choose!! They certainly would beat a lot of the outfits my eyes are assaulted with in today’s so-call fashion!! As far as the reality shows go, this is a true reflection of the type of TV watchers we have in today’s society! Hmmm?? With regard to the T-shirts…so true! The ducktails, they don’t bother me so much, but the meetings just to meet are a real pain in the _ss!!

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