Just Give Me A Pen


Give me a pen

So I can have written memory

Of love good I could not

Utter its existence

Give me a pen

So I can speak my mind’s

Organized noise

Outkasting negative energy

With a few strokes

Dotted i’s and crossed t’s

It’s a moment to behold

So throw me a pen

So I can scribe upon a

Positive state of mind

Affirming only the achievable

That is fully attainable

So I can tell you how much

I hate you

Because you may not remember

What I said but

You can quote what I wrote

Just give me a pen

And not a pencil because

I will never be erased

But etched and sketched

In permanent time and space


I haven’t shared a poem with everyone in a while, so just wanted to put this one out there. Let me know what you think! 

4 thoughts on “Just Give Me A Pen

  1. ‘Word Master’, you are awesome in every write!!!! (Mispelling intended.) This is yet another glorious piece of work, produced with the God-given flair that you so richly possess!!!

    Ronnie is also loving it!!

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