Gun Toting Rugrats

Charlie’s New Angels?

In Texas, they say everything is bigger. But not only is everything bigger, Texas seems to be a state where everything goes. Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville, TX, (which will open this Summer) is contemplating hosting youth birthday parties for children at least 8 years of age or older. WTH?! Is it just me, or does this sound like a crazy idea? What ever happened to Six Flags, Chuck E Cheese (at 27, I still think their pizza is the best, lol), and bounce houses? I guess kids these days are too grown for that. I’m just saying….

David Prince, the owner of Eagle Gun Range, says that this idea would be for educational purposes only. Right….education or not, going to a gun range for a kid’s birthday party just doesn’t seem right. He says that this will provide education to shooters of all ages, since many people don’t know how to operate a gun. WTH?! True, many people in Texas do own guns anyway, but let’s be real… many 8 year olds own guns? Or better yet, how many 8 year olds need to know about them? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with parents taking their kids hunting (which often requires some gun handling), but something about a bunch of screaming kids full of birthday cake and shooting guns is ludicrous to me (scratching head in disbelief). But, hey what do I know…I don’t even have any kids. But all the parents, raise your hands (not all at once) if you would rush your kids down for this on their next birthday party?

John Wayne…Jr Edition

Well, maybe this will make it an easier pill to swallow for you…Apparently, the kids would be using either a BB Gun or a .22 rifle. Sounds safe enough right? After all some kids do go paint-balling, which does operate using a gun of sorts.  Supposedly, no kids would be allowed to walk around with the guns during the party. They would have to be accompanied by an adult, get a chance to shoot the gun and then go back to the party (whatever that would be after the shots ring out). I say if they’re going to do it, go all out and just shoot each other with protective gear. It’s all in good fun right? Ok Mr. Prince, this may sound “childproof” but I still am scratching my head with plenty of questions. What about kids that may have anger issues that you don’t know about? Will you be held responsible for their actions with this BB gun? Hope that’s a clause in your contract or this idea may be shot down before the gun smoke clears the air. Also, are 8 years olds really able to leave this facility knowing that they just played with a BB gun and not a real one? This just sounds like pulling a trigger for disaster to me. And what happens when the kids say “Daddy, forget this BB gun, let’s go play with the real ones????” Right…. Daddy didn’t think about that did he? LOL.

It’s just my opinion, but I don’t see where this is anything but a controversial bad idea. The same people who think it’s a great idea are the same parents that end up being guests on shows like Sally Jesse Raphael (you know you remember those red rimmed glasses) under the header “My Kids Won’t Stop Beating Me”. WTH? What are your thoughts on it? Will gun (BB guns that is) toting rugrats just foster violent lifestyles later in life? Should this be geared more towards boys than girls? Pull the trigger and tell me your thoughts on it….

8 thoughts on “Gun Toting Rugrats

  1. Okay so when i first read this i also thought okay maybe not for 8 year olds …. but maybe 12?

    Personally (since i also am a proud non parent) my first thought was this may be a fun idea for a girls day out party! Gun totting sorority girls gone wild… i like it!

    • Ok I’ll give you that. 12 year olds would be a little better. LOL, I love how you have turned this into a girl’s night out. Someone should film this! Thanks for posting your comment and checking out the blog!

  2. After reading your article I found a picture through google images of three children at war in Congo, Africa. The children are dressed for war wearing chains of bullets around their necks and waving different types of rifles in the air. The crazy part about the picture is that one of the children is wearing a YMCA shirt which totally contradicts everything that the Young Men’s Christian Association stands for.

    I brought this picture up to say that children across the globe especially in third-world countries are truly given the responsibilty to fight in wars that they have no business fighting. Because of the freedom that we have in the USA, we should not take our freedoms lightly to allow children to play with or learn to shoot any guns.

    Using a gun lawfully as an adult is fine, but as a child no way. Most children know from cartoons and movies that shooting guns at people can kill them.

    • Wow, you have really brought up a great point that I didn’t think of. But you are right, in other countries children learn to shoot early but it’s because of war, not recreation. That is crazy about the YMCA shirts too. I totally agree, ideas like this just show how the US abuses it’s freedom over and over again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I think it’s a bad idea.
    When I was very young, early elementary school age on up, my dad and maternal granddad took me hunting. They carried the rifles I just observed, but near the end of the day they would set up some objects for target practice. I would get to fire the rifle a couple of times with my dad right there by my side. It was fun.
    I am not by any stretch of the imagination anti-gun. However, kids should learn about guns from their parents and later maybe take some professional training. Parties and guns don’t mix well.

    • Yes, I agree with you on this. I think to learn from your parents is fine and can be used to the family’s discretion. But parties and guns are definitely not a good mix!! Thanks for posting!

  4. On one hand, I think guns and 8-year olds on sugar highs from birthday cake is a bad combination. But the party-goers could fire guns first and eat cake after.

    On the other hand, I grew up on a ranch an hour’s drive from Lewisville, Texas. At 8 years old, I owned a twenty-two long rifle. My father taught me to use it, and I was expected to use it to kill snakes and rabid vermin. I shot rabid skunks from 300 yards, and buried the bodies as deep as I could so our dogs would not dig them up.

    On the gripping hand, Lewisville is a suburb of Dallas. The children growing up in the cities will benefit from responsible training in the handling of firearms. I note the child in the picture is wearing eye and ear protection.

    I don’t think the firing range is going to get many children’s party bookings. I do think they are free to try. I believe the firing range owner see themselves as promoting disciplined and safe gun use. But I wonder how they supervise a crowd of 8 year olds with loaded guns.

    • Thanks for checking out the post and you brought up some very valid points here. I agree that, as in your case, parents teaching their kids to use guns definitely makes sense. And yes, I am sure that Eagle Gun Range will be using all of the safety precautions available for the kids. Ultimately, it all seems like a marketing ploy to get people to pay attention to the establishment, especially since it has not opened yet. But looks like they are doing a great job of getting a lot of publicity behind it.

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