Fantasy: Turned On Or Turned Off?

By definition, the word fantasy means to imagine things that are impossible or improbable.  Deep down in our most intimate, private, maybe even nasty thoughts…what is that we fantasize about? Could it be something of a sexual nature? Whips, chains, hand cuffs, etc….. you fill in the blank to your own fantasy. What defines a turn on or turn off, depends on who controls the switch. If we are honest with ourselves, we have all had these kinds of thoughts before (even the prudish people who say they don’t, lol). And speaking of “impossible” or “improbable”, how much control do we have in making some of these fantasies a reality? Maybe much more than you could ever imagine…

Ok, so maybe you insist that you don’t have fantasies of the sexual or carnal origin (hmmmm…right). How about movies or images that portray unrealistic and beautiful galaxies that we could never live in? This is another form of fantasy that pleases our senses and makes us want more and more. Just think of how technology has become more and more realistic over the years. Although we can’t actually live the life of an Avatar or have super powers like the Avengers, we can get pretty close to it. Maybe that’s why they call it a fantasy….because we can get so close…but it’s still not reality.

Now that you’re all hot and bothered and floating in 3D space, let’s switch gears. Have you ever sat and fantasized about where you will be in life in the next 5 to 10 years? Do you fantasize about what your true calling and passion is over your life? The sad and harsh reality is many people would answer these questions with a resounding NO! It’s easy to articulate what we want in the bedroom, who did what to who on pointless reality shows, and how cool the last Summer blockbuster was, but how often can we articulate what we want out of life? It’s natural to fantasize about things that are pleasing to the flesh, but we should always remember to save some room for what matters most. Just like there’s a thin line between love and hate, there’s also a very thin line between reality and fantasy.

I too am guilty of not being totally aware of where I will be a few years from now. I know that I would eventually like to be responsible over my own income, whether that’s owning my own publishing company, continuing to write books or even owning a restaurant. In my opinion, there’s nothing like having your own. Life has a way of throwing a monkey wrench in our best laid plans. But, we do have the power to make fantasies come true. If Donald Trump, Janet Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Oprah can all turn themselves on, why can’t we? Everything we fantasize about is not too far beyond our reach.

So tell me, what is your ultimate fantasy? Have you turned yourself on and given your purpose the green light? Don’t wait for others to do it for you….you owe it to yourself to be TURNED ON!

One thought on “Fantasy: Turned On Or Turned Off?

  1. Excellent article!!!! Excellent twist to turning the reader to the real lesson in the article! My fantasy is that I will own a very nice building, with a large parking area / lot, in a good, easily accessible business area of town! I am still waiting for the reality of it all, but, I never stop looking and searching! This building will allow so many things to take place within its walls; birthday gatherings, peauxetry recitals, class / family reunions, weddings, anniversaries, political gatherings, education, enlightenment, etc.! My search shall be ongoing until I reach the finish line! Love this article!!

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