P!nk: Don’t Fade To Black

In today’s music business, any artist who makes it past their sophomore album should consider themselves lucky. Especially an artist who almost does a complete 360 on their image and sound after their first album. Meet Alecia Beth Moore. You may not know her by her real name…but you definitely know her stage name, P!nk. She’s had a string of huge hits including “You Make Me Sick,” “Just Like A Pill,” “Trouble”, and “So What”.  When she first hit the scene, her sound was  Contemporary R & B, and her style was baggy pants and midriff tops.  With 3 top 10 singles and over 6 million albums sold worldwide, it seemed as if P!nk had a formula no one in their right mind would mess with.

But P!nk defied the sophomore jinx in a bold way, trading in her polished R & B sound for a more grungy, jagged, rock inspired alter ego. But something about this new image didn’t seem like a different identity. It seemed like P!nk was much more comfortable in her own skin this time around. This new image was further cemented by her massive hit, “Don’t Let Me Get Me” where she takes a stab at LA Reid and Britney Spears, singing, “LA told me, you’ll be a pop star/All you have to change is/Everything you are/Tired of being compared/To damn Britney Spears/She’s so pretty/That just ain’t me). P!nk’s second album, Missundaztood went on to sell over 13 million copies. P!nk proved she was as vibrant as ever and would be around for years to come.

P!nk is currently recovering from having her gallbladder removed.  She was forced to cancel a planned performance at a fundraiser for President Obama in Hollywood. Darren Criss, from “Glee”, was her fill in. She, along with her husband Carey Hart, also recently bashed Chris Brown and Katy Perry for their performances at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. She claimed that both musical acts took pieces of some of her prior performances into theirs and that Chris Brown lipsynced his entire performance. Cocky she might be, but she has the music to back it up. Speaking of her music, I’ve really been wanting to see a new album from her recently. Funhouse is her best CD to date in my opinion, but she just seems to keep getting better with time. And who could forget her feature on Eminem’s “Won’t Back Down” song from his Recovery CD? But other than her “Lady Marmalade” collaboration (with Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Mya and Christina Aguilara) from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, she really hasn’t worked with other artists on her own CDs. I would love to see her work with Alanis Morisette, T-Boz and Andre 3000 on her next CD. “So What” do you think? Should P!nk make another CD or focus on raising her daughter Willow and being a wife?

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