Booze, Beetlejuice and Beaches

Lately I’ve been hearing about a lot of things regarding food, medicine and that are unbelievable. We go through life every day not really knowing what we are eating or bringing into our bodies. Here’s my list of 10 things that you may not have known about. I’m sure something on this list will hit home for you….whether you want it to or not.

1. Wendy’s Brings Sand To The Beach

Wendy’s is one of my favorite fast food chains. I went there so much in college, the cashiers started saying, “See you tomorrow”. And they were right. When I was having a monster huger attack, I would get 15 nuggets and a large cup of chili. But wait…before you take a spoonful of their chili, you should probably be warned that you’re eating a little silicon dioxide too. Sound harmless? Well the common term for it is sand! Yep, apparently, the silicon dioxide acts as an anti caking agent in their chili….hmmmm. Makes you think twice, doesn’t it?

2. Bubblelicious? Not So Much…

Sheep are used for more than wool clothes. One of their other uses is much less known than the latter. You may have heard of lanolin before, but never knew what it meant. It’s basically just oils from the sheep’s wool and it’s used as “gum base” in bubblegum. And it’s used in Vitamin D supplements as well. Happy chewing….

3. The Ultimate Hiccup Cure

I recently had an issue with some uncontrollable hiccups. Nothing worked to cure them….not being scared, holding my breath, or sipping water. So I decided to get it checked out by my doctor. He told me that best medicine for hiccups is actually an anti psychotic drug called Chlorpromazine. WTH?!?! Can you rewind that Dr? I’ll just take my chances with the hiccups and you can keep that prescription

4. Strawberry Will Never Be The Same

In case you didn’t know, Starbucks just recently stopped using cochineal beetles to color their Strawberry Frappuccinos. Apparently these “harmless” bugs are used in many red colored food products. What kind of grinder are these people using to get the bugs so small where we can’t taste them??? WTH?! Supposedly by the end of this month, Starbucks will have completely transitioned to solely using lycopene, which is a natural, tomato based extract. I’m sure customers will be happy to hear of this good news…

5. Leave It To Beaver 

Ok, this may be a little graphic for some, so if you have a weak stomach, you may want to skip to #6. If you’ve ever used cologne, perfume, or eaten raspberry candy or sweets…you’ve probably had a very close encounter with a beaver. And not in the way you would like. The anal glands of beavers are euphemized as castoreum to be used in cologne, perfumes, and um……flavor enhancers. Yep….enough said on this one.

6. Bottoms Up

Apparently beer has more uses than needing a designated driver during happy hour. It’s a great spa treatment. Yes, you read right…In the Czech Republic, beer spas are quite common. When heated (just like a regular bath), bathing in beer soothes muscles and joints, helps you relax and can even improve your complexion. Guess beer is better for us than we gave it credit for.

7. Golden Streams

We all know that urine is a form waste that you don’t ever want to use for anything but depositing into the toilet. You may have heard of this one before, but apparently “urine therapy” has been practiced for years and said to cure everything from asthma to cancer. But who wants to test this to see if it’s true? WTH?! I’ll pass on it…

8. Somebody Help Me Pronounce This….

I love Worcestershire sauce. It’s one of the things I keep in my kitchen. But I always wondered what it was made from. There’s a strange taste to it that’s delicious at the same time. But maybe not so much now that I recently found out it’s made from dissolved fish (anchovies). WTH?!

9. Fresh Water Meltdown

Ever wonder what will dissolve pearls? Ok probably not, lol. I never heave either….but vinegar will do the track. Just sit some pearls in vinegar for a few hours and they will dissolve. Kinda scary to think vinegar is that strong. But many people drink apple cider vinegar as a weight loss method and to ward off common colds. I’ve tried the latter and it actually works.

10. Deadly Cherries?

Dr. Oz has recently been promoting tart cherry juice as a pain reliever. I’ve been having a lot of back pain lately, so I decided to give it a try. I have actually noticed a difference and a decrease in pain. There’s something in the tart cherry juice that kicks butt when it comes to pain. You can get the tart cherry juice at GNC for less than $15.

Have you ever tried any of these remedies? Are there any interesting food facts that you have that are not listed here? Sometimes we really have no idea what we’re putting into our bodies or what we can use as natural cures.

7 thoughts on “Booze, Beetlejuice and Beaches

  1. I have tried the vinegar and the cherry juice. These both do seem to work for me! But insofar as the Wendy’s “sand” chili, the hiccup cure, the “bugged-out” strawberry drink and the “golden stream”, the benefits may be far less than the side effects! Great article, with great finds! Love it!

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