Swerving Lanes (Get Your Own)

I’ll admit it. I have road rage. I can’t stand for people to cut me off in traffic (especially when they go slow once they do). Then you have those that like to swerve in and out of the lanes and into yours. They must not have been good at coloring inside the lines when they were in kindergarten, lol. What really gets me about people doing this is that it seems like they have no other purpose but to get in front of you. The other driver gets in the right lane where you are, only to make a left turn down the road. But there’s a different kind of lane violation that we all have probably experienced at some point in our lives.

I really get irritated by people who try to compete with you in areas you don’t even want. Yes, we all know them (and hopefully are not them). I like to call them “lane swervers”. For instance, think about the person that wants to compete with you and hates on your progress in your Marketing department at work. Never mind this person wants to be a manager in Finance, something you despise and have no interest whatsoever in. Two opposite ends of the spectrum right? So why would they even care about what you’re doing? It’s one thing to be competitive, but it’s a whole different game to compete against something you don’t aspire to be. Does your success hinder their performance? No. Are you intimidated by them? Probably not. But therein lies the issue. Many times, people will be intimidated by you. Maybe it could just be something that they don’t like about you. But that’s not really of your concern. We can’t worry about things like this, because they only cause added stress to our lives. Wherever you have haters, you have a person that’s doing something right.

And to the “Lane Swervers”, why waste time trying to sabotage someone else’s career, passion or any areas of their life? Just like it takes more energy to frown than to smile, it takes even more energy to always be in competition. You will always be your best competitor. No one can push you like you can. Why not focus on being the best you that you can be, and allowing everything else to fall in place? Ill gotten games end up leaving yourself played in the end. Whenever you focus on what other people are doing (or not doing), you lose focus on yourself. Re-purpose that time energy to someone special, YOU! Since we don’t know how the costs the driver has to incur, we should never concern ourselves with what kind of car they have or how fast they are going.

So what are your thoughts on swerving lanes? Have you ever been guilty of this or has it happened to you?

6 thoughts on “Swerving Lanes (Get Your Own)

  1. Great and true!!! I first laughed thinking of your mom driving all fast!! Lol! However, it is always best to focus on YOU and what you are doing and where you are going. Less damage is done and no time is wasted. I have been guilty of not paying attention in my lane that has caused me to either slow down or wreck. I think this is something everyone should evaluate.

  2. I love this… I was thinking about this subject a couple of days ago… Why do people feel they always have to be on up on you…. You could careless about what they have and what they are doing. I think competiton is just a waste of time. Stay in your and I will stay in mine.

  3. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it an you are exactly right. Life is too short to worry about the moves someone else is making. Yes, a lot of people do feel like they have to be one up on you, which is crazy.

  4. Someone has definitely done it to me!!! Practically every day it happens to me! People appear to be uncomfortable with you just trying to get up and get out of the area of the “pack” of vehicles. They seem to want to keep you in their “mess”! They appear to possess a “who do you think you they are?” attitude. Driving can and will definitely reveal the real person, just as similar life situations do. Sooner or later, the ‘real person’ will always rear their head, just as they consistently do in any major metropolis, on the road!
    Great blog!

    P.S. Keep the road rage in check, always…someone loves and cares for you!!!

    • I love it….”uncomfortable with you just trying to get up and get out of the area of the “pack” of vehicles. Very well said and so true! Glad you enjoyed the blog! And yes, I will keep that road rage in check, lol

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