A Scratch And Sniff Kinda Love

I love cologne. A couple of my favorites are Burberry London and Gucci Guilty. To me, you can almost never have too many different kinds. To me, it’s an enhancer to your outward appearance. Almost like the feeling of a fresh hair cut (or shave for me, lol) and a new hair style for ladies. With that being said, I also love perfume. Think about the last time you met someone who looked good and then think about how they smelled. Chances are, their scent either brought them up or down a notch or two on the looks rating, lol.

Meet Judith Prays. She’s a 25-year-old web developer who became fed up with failed attempts at online dating. She decided to create pheromone parties after she ended up in a 2 year relationship with someone who didn’t initially match up against her dating check list. Apparently his smell is what stuck with her the most. Thus the idea of pheromone parties. What exactly is this? Judith started her first pheromone party in New York with about 40 guests who were all told to freeze a T-shirt they’ve slept in for 3 days. The bags containing the shirts are then marked blue for men and pink for women, along with tagged numbers. Half a dozen of the “couples” hit it off and actually made lasting relationships. Right now the pheromone parties are only in New York and Los Angeles, but there is talk of Atlanta and San Diego getting in on the smelly love fest as well.

Ok….yeah this sounds like a very funny idea and something cool to go to and get a good laugh. But for real dating? WTH?! Who does this? I guess Judith does and she seems to be successful with it. But this concept just raises so many eyebrows with me. First of all, what happens if you pick someone based on their scent and they’re not attractive? Or what if they are attractive but you see someone else’s shirt that you didn’t sniff but can’t keep your eyes off of? Do you give your date their shirt back and say, “No thanks, I’ll choose her (or him) instead?” LOL. And then there’s the obvious elephant in the room. What happens if your shirt gets sniffed 10 times and nobody picks you? Talk about a self-esteem let down, lol. Some of the party goers stated that they have smelled marijuana on some of the people’s shirts. WTH?! Really??? Who’s going to smell a shirt laced with marijuana and say, “Oh yeah that’s it! I gotta have em….that smell drives me wild!” Any takers? Didn’t think so.

I think at best this is a great ice breaker to maybe get conversation started. But as far as long-lasting relationships from your sniff mate that you pick….eh, I don’t see it happening. So what do you think about it? Could you ever go to a party like this? If you did, would you really go to pick up a date or just for a good laugh and conversation?

5 thoughts on “A Scratch And Sniff Kinda Love

  1. OMG Carlos! Where do find some of your topics? LOL You always have such interesting topics that I never hear about. Thats a good thing! 🙂 As far as the scratch and sniff parties…umm I don’t know, I would go because I’m a curious person but would I expect to have a long lasting relationship…ugh no. But, who knows I love smelling men cologne so I guess if his shirt smells good…he may have just stolen my heart. LOL

    • Thanks Shana!! I really appreciate it. A lot of the stuff I just happen to see on TV or read about it online. LOL! I’m with you on that. I would go just to be curious and I guess a good scent would be hard to pass up huh? Lol

  2. Great article…but as you have stated herein, there are too many variable to let this one “test” be the decisive factor! You have demonstrated great thought processes in this article.

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