Never Let Go (New Poem)

The tight grip you once had

Has now been loosed

Don’t know when or how

But the fact remains the same

Drifting away and searching

To find my way back to you

You let me down and disappointed

Now I’m disjointed, disconnected

Unplugged and left reflecting

On what you did to me

Yeah that’s what I’ll call it

Cause it’s easier to place blame

Than responsibility

You turned away when

I needed you most

I begged for you to stay

But you insisted you had to go

Until the light came on

My ah-ha moment

Your hand was always there

I was the one that let go of it

3 thoughts on “Never Let Go (New Poem)

  1. The ‘Word Master’ has struck again! Another outstanding piece of peauxetic work!! Love it!!

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