T-Mobile, Pay What You Owe

Let’s face it. We’ve all been fed up with customer service at some point or another. Whether it’s the cashier in the drive through with a horrible attitude or the manager that lies to you and says they’re doing all they can to resolve the issue. In our minds, we often act out slapping the person in the head, stomping on them or throwing things (bricks, pots, etc) at them to release our anger. Or is it just me??? Well, one furious Manchester, England T-Mobile customer named Jason Codner decided to take matters into his own hands….literally.

Earlier this week, Jason trashed a local T-Mobile store in Manchester, England by ripping displays from the walls, tearing down signs, and spraying phones with 2 fire extinguishers. What possibly could have made him do this? A refund. Or better yet, a refund that he did not get that he felt he deserved. There aren’t any details as to what the refund was for, but it definitely angered Jason enough to trash the T-Mobile store. And here’s the kicker…he walks in without any kind of mask, and slowly trashes the store as onlookers eventually witness him getting arrested. Surprisingly, he doesn’t resist the arrest and takes full responsibility for his actions. Way to go Jason…even if you do get that refund you more than likely deserved, you’ll be paying much more than that in damages.

So what Do you think about Jason Codner’s rampage? Were his actions justified if he really was ripped off? One thing is for sure. Jason Codner has made huge headlines, and people with T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint phones are all watching the video of his antics. Just goes to show that only takes a little guts and irrational behavior to be a star today. Have you ever lost your mind for a second regarding customer service matters? Or have you thought out a release of anger similar to Jason’s? Definitely a WTH moment….feel free to share your thoughts.

And oh yeah…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

12 thoughts on “T-Mobile, Pay What You Owe

  1. I’ve lost my temper a time or two… I don’t thin I would resort to vandalism… Bad customer service or a refund of any kind is not worth being arrested…

  2. Yeah way to go. T-mobile should of gave him his refund. Damn Big Business they always are robbing u. They get u with the hidden fees, fine print, charge u for crap u didn’t order, and make changes to ur plan without saying anything. ATT once sent me a letter saying there would be changes to my account. That is all it said. No info on the changes or impact to my bill. Suddenly the bill starts going up every month. After the 3rd month I call to find out what is going on. They started charging me for text messages. I had been with them for 6 years. When we first signed up we got the plan with unlimited text messages. I tell the customer service lady this. She tells me I never had that. I tell her to pull up the bill from 3 mths ago. She sees the text messages and no charges. Somehow she still fixes her mouth to tell me I never had that plan. I Bought time someone flips out on them.

    • LOL, yes I do agree that Big Business does often rob us. That is crazy with the AT&T situation. I’ve had similar issues with them too. I’m curious to know what was it that they owed him! Thanks for checking out the post!

  3. Wow! So wrong, but entertaining. I mean T-Mobile, as well as any carrier, is a business. And like most (if not all) major corps, they will have some way to screw customers over (and hit you with the ‘It’s just business’ attitude). *Okay not all businesses, but…Now, I don’t know that guy’s case, but it seems he must have got some sour deal if he trashes the place. Although he took matters in his own hands, he didn’t have the right approach. Maybe a protest, a public petition, or something more civil. Now, that refund will probably never come, and if it did, will go towards the amount he has to pay for bail or damages (however the UK justice system works). If you have anger, you can express it, but don’t do anything that costs your respect, money, and criminal record if its petty (Maybe a college refund, but cell phone refund though? Haha. Maybe it’s just me)

    • LOL, I totally agree. Whatever money he was trying to get from T-Mobile will now have to go towards the store’s damages. A petition would have been better like you said and probably much more effective. I think sometimes, you do have to act a fool with people to get your point across…but at the same time, you have to know when to pick your battles.

  4. You’re right, no refund is worth a criminal record, degradation and humiliation, although, I am not so sure that he cared about the degradation and humiliation!

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